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Hello and welcome to my page.
My name is Rich Taub and I am an airline pilot flying professionally for over 20 years in and out of the States.
I’ve been battling my weight problem for most of my life and recently have been able to get a handle on it, with a change in the way I eat that finally doesn’t “feel” like a diet and actually works. So far before starting with Beachbody workouts I’ve lost 25 lbs in 8 weeks by changing my eating habits, which is just the weight I gained in the past 3 years, so now comes the hard work of getting off the weight I was always trying to get off and couldn’t.
Though I have a number of workouts to do at home, I’ve decided I need a little variety to keep things “fresh” with the workouts I already have, and also need something that I can do on the road if needed. With that in mind I’ve decided to use the Beachbody workouts to accomplish my workouts and assist in my goals.
In the past I’ve been involved in martial arts for over 20 yrs so the “cardio” type workouts with different movements and not just standing there and doing one movement wasn’t a big deal to me because of my past training.

Why Beachbody?

When looking into what to use for this purpose there are a wide variety of workouts to choose from and for different tastes for working out. While deciding what would be my best choice I’ve checked into how others liked the workouts and their results which led me to learning about being a Beachbody coach, which is an opportunity to get discounts on the workouts, and eventually get paid for working out and have achieved Emerald level.
The good thing is the workouts are always evolving with new workouts so you won’t get bored or tired, and can cycle the workouts, or make “hybrid” workouts if you decide you like to work with different workouts on different days instead of just working one all the time.

My Goal

My ultimate goal is to lose at least another 30 pounds and with currently and on the road to doing that with the help of the Beachbody products.

Since beginning my journey I’ve also become a Certified Instructor in TurboKick which is a variation of the Turbo jam/TurboFire and now a Certified Instructor for the P90X program.

Keep Up The Good Fight and all the best
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Instructor


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