Beachbody Partners W/Powder Blue Productions

Chalene’s Live PUSH event

That’s right, Beachbody has “expanded” so to say by partnering with Powder Blue Productions.

First off most people are familiar with the products of Team Beachbody such as P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and many more.
Some people though may not be familiar with Powder Blue Productions. This company is run by Chalene and Bret Johnson. Chalene is the trainer of Beachbody programs Turbo-Jam, Chalean Extreme and TurboFire and prior to partnering with Beachbody was working on her own company and production of workouts such as TurboKick, which is what the Turbo programs are based on, Hip Hop Hustle which is a choreographed dance type class, since Chalene loves to dance, and PIYO which is a strength Pilates/Yoga/Strength type training that is taught in health clubs and gyms and people can get certified to teach these programs.
Chalene also has a host of other products such as her PUSH book, Car Smart audio series, 30 Day PUSH event to help get yourself organized, a line of fashions featuring her Turbo/Hustle/PIYO line and also runs her own Camp in the summer called Camp Do More.

Carl Daikler’s Words

The following is taken from Carl Daikler’s blog to explain a little bit about the partnership.

“…As you know, we launched P90X Certification in the spring and have already seen trainers and gyms join us in our mission to help people achieve their goals. At the same time, Chalene and Bret Johnson offered to help us maximize the opportunity. That was one of those “Duh!” moments, when we realized that the best way to grow our business and serve more people was to partner and effectively put these two businesses together.

So I’m pleased to announce that Beachbody is officially working with Powder Blue Productions and Chalene and Bret Johnson to expand our Certification business! Think of it like a (healthy) peanut butter cup. Powder Blue = Peanut Butter (PB, get it?) and Beachbody = Chocolate (Shakeology). Two great companies now working together as one awesome combination!

Powder Blue will provide its expertise and certification infrastructure and an incredible group of Area Promotions Directors (APD’s) that we can then build from and expand, as well as their established lineup of pre-designed group exercise programs including TurboKick, PiYo and Hip Hop Hustle. Plus, we get the benefit of Chalene Johnson’s extensive experience and proven industry expertise to grow the P90X Certification business, plus launch many of our other programs into this channel.

Insanity and Brazil Butt Lift will likely be the first additions. We’ll be giving professional trainers, fitness enthusiasts, and health clubs the opportunity to capitalize on the significant brand strength, TV advertising and demand for our programs in exciting new ways as we leverage the trend of branded fitness programming. At the same time, we’ll be attracting the entire fitness industry into our coaching business so more people get the TOTAL package, fitness, nutrition, and peer support…”

Personal feelings:

This is really good news for those that were interested in wanting to get certified in different programs of Team Beachbody.

Having been through TurboKick/PIYO, and P90X Certification myself and will be doing the Hustle training soon, I can tell you even if you don’t plan on teaching any of these, but want to get the best out of your own performance it’s worth doing the certification.
Chalene’s APD’s (Area Promotion Directors) all are awesome instructors that Chalene works with personally so no matter who you train with you’ll have a great experience. When I did my P90X certification I chose to do it in Las Vegas just before the 2012 Coach Summit, and we had the rare opportunity of having Tony come out both days of training and working with us.

If you’re already a Team Beachbody Coach, like myself, it gives you more understanding of the program so when you have a customer asking questions, you have some additional knowledge to pass on.

If you’re interested in any of Chalene’s trainings, you can go and for P90X, you have to do a home qualification coarse first on your computer, then a 2 day course for the actual training. You can contact me or go to your Team Beachbody account page to find out about P90X certification.

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5 Responses to Beachbody Partners W/Powder Blue Productions

  1. Lisa Santos

    This is definitely exciting news for Beachbody and for coaches who want to be certified in TurboKick. Great post Rich!

  2. Mary Riley

    I had not heard that news. That’s a great idea for Beachbody to have Chalene and Bret’s help as they have already been successful at it. I love the way Beachbody continues to grow!

  3. Darren

    This is great news. This is more evidence demonstrating how great Beachbody is. It shows that these products are truly mainstream and can help anyone to get into shape. Thanks for the post.

  4. So excited there will be live Insanity and BBL classes soon!

  5. Great post Rich, this is exciting news indeed and looks like it will provide even more opportunities for people trying to be certified in programs!

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