Chalean Extreme Burn circuit review week 2

Well week 2 is down of Chalean Extreme, Burn Circuit.
The second week of my “on the road” workouts is done, and I have to say that the bands if used correctly will really do a job on your arms. I brought an extra pair of resistance bands with me this time on the road too, though of lighter resistance to act as lighter weights.
I’ve made it through most of the exercises, however when doing the Burn Intervals there was a section of doing 20 squat thrusts and after that doing some light resistance lifting, but my heart rate was too high and I was breathing to hard to get through that section.

The Ab Burner workout I find really makes the abs burn which I also felt this in Chalenes Turbo Jams Ab jam workout. The workout isn’t very long, but you really do feel it in your abs.

I’ve found that since doing these workouts I’ve been feeling quite tired. This may be because of my work schedule however, I did decide I’m going to try some of the P90X recovery formula to try along with getting some more P90x Protein Bars to have as snacks during the day and continuing to bring my Shakeology along with me also to keep drinking on a daily basis.
I know I won’t have the recovery drink and protein bars for week 3 but am looking forward to see if there is any difference in the weeks after that.

So far I feel like I am seeing some results in the abs and shoulders and am looking forward to see what week 3 has in store.

So till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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