Chalean Extreme Lean Phase Week 1

As I continue my “on the road” workouts I now begin the Lean Phase of Chalean Extreme.

The training schedule is the same as the previous phases doing however using the “Lean” workouts. Also Extreme Abs is now a regular in the rotation now after Burn intervals.

So the changes in this phase is now the Reps are back up to 10-12, and the workout length is up to 40-45 min for the most part.
In this phase there are more “plank” type exercises whether they be plank or pushups.
Circuit 1 and 2 I did while on the road so used resistance bands and Circuit 3 I did at home so used my free weights which this is where I really noticed most of the plank and push-up work.

To change things up a bit I think instead of Burn It Up there was a Fat Blaster Turbo Jam workout included and I think I will do instead to keep things “fresh”.

While on the road I did keep up with my Shakeology, and brought some P90X Recovery Formula with me and also brought some P90X protein bars with me to have as snack during the days I was out on the road.
With the workouts being a little longer it will make it a little bit more of a challenge to get them in because of my work schedule this week, but they will be done and I will not miss them.

Till the next review
Keep Up the Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Emerald Beachbody Coach

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