Chalean Extreme .. “Push Phase” Week 1

Well I just completed week 1 of the “Push” phase of Chalean Extreme which is the second phase in the workouts.
The workouts were set up the same way as in the “Burn” phase of doing Push 1, rest day then Push 2, Burn Intervals and Ab Burner, Push 3 then Burn It Off & Recharge.

This phase has you working on doing 6-8 reps max which means going heavier on the weights. As for week 1, there were a few exercises that I will heavier next week, but instead of buying heavier weight I think I’m going to do those exercises with the bands instead. Push 1 had 2 exercises that I will adjust, Push 2 was fine, but Push 3 was the one that I really could’ve used the heavier weight.

I am continuing to see changes in my arms and am feeling stronger with the slow push-ups and hopefully this will continue even with the little break in the schedule this week because of the Beachbody summit. I’ll work on sticking to the schedule the best I can, but depending on the workouts at the summit and available time will dictate how the week goes.

The thing I really like is these workouts as in phase 1 is that they are all in that 35 min range which makes it easy to get them done on the road, so my selection to use these as an “on the road” is working well.

I’m also continuing with my Shakeology regimen along with taking the recovery formula depending on the workout and having the P90X protein bars on the road with me as snacks.

Well next update will be after the Beachbody Summit

Till then
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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