Chalean Extreme Push Phase week 2 & 3

Week 2 and 3 of Chalean Extreme is complete and it’s been a couple of weeks of doing some mods in order to achieve the best results.
I’ve been using the bands for most of the workouts but have had to either double wrap them or cross them in order to get the correct resistance.
I will have to go out and get some additional weight for the next phase and next week since it is getting a bit light for some of the exercises.
One additional change in week 3 was on day 3 instead of doing Ab Burner, Extreme abs was substituted for it, and also since I was out at the Beachbody Summit, on the day of Burn It Off and recharge I ended up working out with Brett Hoebel from the Revabs workout which was awesome.

Also with the continuing of drinking Shakeology I got my bloodwork back and got to see the results from drinking it and everything was back to where it should be.
Most people would say it’s just from the losing of the weight, but looking back for the last 5 years, the numbers say otherwise.
It wasn’t just from losing the weight because my weight varied over that time and this was the only time everything was “normal”.

Also I brought along some P90X recovery formula and some of P90X protein bars for snacks help out while on vacation and at the summit

So next week will be the last week of the Push Phase and we shall see how things unfold. I feel there won’t be much weight change, but as mentioned previously I can see definition change, so we shall see.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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