Chalean Extreme Push Phase Week 4 Complete

Well the completion of the Push Phase of Chalean Extreme is complete.
It’s been a tough week due to some family issues, but did get in all the workouts and completed the phase.

This particular week I haven’t really kept track of my eating as I’ve usually do, and may have even put on a couple of pounds, but will be back on the wagon once things get back to semi-normal.

The one consistent has been drinking Shakeology which I will continue to drink since it has made a difference in my overall health getting my blood levels to where they should be.

The changes this week, don’t know if there was too much, but as mentioned in previous blogs I still do see what seems to be some more definition in my arms and shoulders and as I progress into the Lean Phase we’ll see what new changes are at hand.

If you would any other information on Chalean Extreme or making money while working out by being a Coach fell free to contact me.

So lets see what the next phase will bring :)

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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  1. physical therapist

    nice post. thanks.

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