Chalean Extreme Week 3 “on the road workouts” Review

Week 3 of Chalean Extreme is done and this week my schedule changed a bit, which made for a nice change of pace for the workouts.
Though the workouts were the same, Burn Circuit 1 and 2 were done on the road this week and Burn Intervals & Ab Burner, Burn Circuit 3 and Burn it Off! & Recharge were done at home. What that means is there was a change of pace with using the bands and dumbbells. The previous workouts that I haven’t tried with the dumbbells I had the chance to use them this past week in some of the workouts.
The Ab Burner workout, though short is the one I felt the most “difference” with using the weights.
I also was getting some pain in my neck and shoulders, and according to Chalene, I may have been tensing my neck and shoulders too much while using the bands, so I was trying to make that adjustment this week also.
Some other changes, as with the previous week I continued to drink my Shakeology everyday, but also once I got home my P90X Recovery Formula had arrived so I had the chance to try that and found it not only tasted good, but did seem to help. I also while away tried coconut water, that was recommended and did have some stomach problems, though don’t know if it was definitely from the water or not. When using the Recovery drink I used 1 scoop when not doing a heavy resistance workout, and used 2 on the Burn Circuit days.
I feel like a few inches may have been shed, however will wait till the end of phase 1 before checking the numbers.

So coming up on the last full week of the Burn Phase, I will have Shakeology in hand along with some of the P90X protein bars, and will also figure out a way to bring some recovery formula with me and hopefully the week will be full of energy and good results.

I also did a video review of the workout you can checkout on You Tube, my channel “nalsdc8s

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub

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