Chalean Extreme/ “on the road workouts” / Phase 1 complete

Week four is complete of Chalean Extreme and the completion of Phase 1.
This week I was not able to bring my computer on the road with me, so I had to do my own workout which I did with the help of the “worksheets” and resistance bands, and the intervals part I also did some of the exercises I remembered along with other moves that I knew would get my heart rate up.

Now this week I changed it up a bit with the resistance bands to hopefully relieve some of the tightness I feel in my neck sometimes. I actually used a little lighter resistance band because even though I was able to do the moves with the heaver bands, I felt using the lighter band enabled me to keep better form, and less strain which I’m hoping means less pain, but since I only tried it once so far, can’t really say it made big difference yet.

I also continued with my Shakeology and found with as tired as I was that it did seem to “pep” me up after drinking it and brought the P90X protein bars on the road with me again to have something decent to snack on through the long days. The P90X Recovery formula, I left at home this time, but while I was drinking it after the workout it did seem to help also with the soreness.

So results so far? Well nothing big number wise, however I definitely notice my arms, as in biceps and triceps are “firming” up and legs are still staying in a “conditioned” look also.

As I progress now into the “push” phase I’m hoping that results will be more evident by the end of the month and also during this phase I will be heading out to the Beachbody Summit at the end of the month which should be fun getting the chance to workout with Chalene :) and the other trainers.

The change for this phase is to go heavier and where in phase 1 the focus was 10-12 reps phase 2, 6-8 reps is the focus, so we’ll see what new things phase 2 will bring.

That’s a wrap for this “chapter”, remember if you have any questions on this workout or any Beachbody products feel free to contact me and remember as a Beachbody Coach you can save 25% on all Beachbody products.

Till the next review..
Keep up the good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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  1. limewire

    dang fun stuff man.

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