Chalean Extreme Review week 1 Burn Phase

Well week 1 is complete of my Chalean Extreme “on the road” workouts.
The workouts for the first week in Burn Phase Consist of Burn circuit 1, 2, and 3 also Burn Intervals and Ab burner, and Burn it Off and Recharge.
The way the workouts are laid out you do Burn Circuit 1, then a day of rest followed by Burn Circuit 2, Burn Intervals and Ab Burner which are 50 min and 10 min respectively, Burn Circuit 3, then Burn It off & Recharge which are 30 min and 20 min, and another day of rest. For 4 weeks the workouts continue in the same order.
The Recharge is a stretching workout so your muscles won’t tighten up from the intensity of the other workouts.

The Burn Circuit workouts themselves are 30-40 min and stress using heavy weights and doing reps slowly to fatigue at 10-12 max. If you are able to go beyond that then you need to go heavier.
Because I was doing some of these workouts on the road I was using resistance bands two of the Burn circuit workouts, 2 and 3. After finishing Burn Circuit 2 my arms were shaking, so the band definitely did it’s job.
Burn Intervals was a combination of resistance and cardio intervals which went on for just about 50 min. The Ab Burner workout after that is 10 min. so for both of these workouts an hour is needed unless you split them up.

The Burn it Off & Recharge are a cardio and stretching workout to help change up the resistance that you’ve been doing over the past few days.

Some things I’ll do for week 2 is to bring another set of bands with me since the ones I had were a little too much for some of the exercises and now that I’ve been through the workouts once will try to put a little more into it for week 2.

I’ve started taking my Shakeology on the road with me to help keep it as a steady part of my diet and I’ll see how things go, I may get some P90X recovery formula depending on how I feel.
As a Beachbody Coach I save 25% on Beachbody products, so if you have any questions on the workouts, products, becoming a coach or signing up for
free Beachbody account, feel free to contact me or just click the links.

Keep up the good fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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