Deluxe TurboFire Workouts

So as I continue my TurboFire workouts I’m now into the “deluxe” workouts.
This consists of:
Fire 60 with 4 “Fire Drills”
HIIT 30 Class
Upper 20 Class
Lower 20 Class
Abs 10 Class and
Stretch 10 Class

The Stretch 10 is the same that’s in the “regular” set of workouts however the others of course have their own flavor to them.

The biggest difference between these deluxe workouts is the workout length.
I don’t why “deluxe” should mean “longer” workouts, but needless to say I modify to keep the workouts to my usual 25-45 min range.
Most of the workouts are 2 combined so during the “cardio” month I change off to do a resistance one day and cardio the next.
Now that I’m into the HIIT month I do the same but do the HIIT one day and resistance the next.

The Fire 60 workout, when scheduled for it I change it up with one of the others but the others for the most part I stick with the schedule.

The Abs 10 is an awesome workout and doing this properly will give you a great ab workout in a short amount of time.
I continue to enjoy the way Chalene uses the bands for resistance workouts in the upper and lower workouts.
Doing the workouts on the road make these great workouts to incorporate for people that have limited time and space and give great results.

The HIIT 30 workout has 11 drills and really gives you a “run for the money”. You’ll feel this workout throughout the day and maybe into the next muscle wise if you put in the effort.

I’m still enjoying the workouts, even with the time modifications that I have to make in order to fit them in.
I started using the Recovery Formula with the HIIT 30 workout, but feel pretty good after the others right now not using it.

The Shakeology regiman has continued and having the protein bars while on the road.

We’ll see how the next few weeks unfold with the workouts but till the next review as always
Keep Up the Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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