Fit Club, weekend workout

So this past weekend at my Fit Club we did one of the lesser known Beachbody workouts, Rockin’ Body which was done by Shaun T.

Shaun T as of late is well know for his Insanity workout, Hip Hop Abs and commercial soon to come out Insanity The Asylum though the program is already available, and Asylum 2 to be released by the end of the year.

Whaaat? I haven’t heard of this one.

Though this workout is not as well known, those of us that do have Rockin’ Body can attest it will give you a good sweat, and you’ll get a good workout.
The one I usually use at the Fit Club is “Rock It Out” which has music in it from the 80’s and you are holding some hand weights throughout most of the workout, so you always have resistance while doing the work out.

Towards the end of the workout he has you do 6 sets of 10 push-ups which ends up being quiet a challenge after using your arms throughout, and then doing them at the end.

The only thing I can’t understand is the set-up of the workout.  They have Shaun T and a bunch of people on stage working out, while and audience watches them exercise. Irregardless of that the workout themselves do give you a good sweat.
You have to kinda think of his other workouts Hip Hop Abs and Insanity combined a bit in here, even though this was made before Insanity was even put together.

I originally got this workout at the Team Beachbody Summit in 2010 and took awhile to try it, but once I did, I try to promote it to people who like having music play and may like a little bit of a “dancey” type workout.

How much for this one?

This workout is actually the best deal that Beachbody offers for a workout as the price has been reduced. It’s $20.00 for the basic workout which includes 5 workouts and $20.00 for deluxe which is 2 additional workouts, so for $40.00 you can get the entire Rockin’ Body  program for less then the price of one of Beachbody’s other programs.

This particular workout I would recommend as a Beginner/Intermediate type workout but no matter your fitness level, you get out of it what you put in. It’s fun workout and you’ll get a good sweat up.

If this or any other Beachbody program appeals to you feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help out with any questions you might have.

Keep Up The Good Fight

Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X certified Instructor

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6 Responses to Fit Club, weekend workout

  1. Mary Riley

    I’ve never done either of those programs. Do the come with a meal plan and workout schedule?

  2. Richard

    Yes they do have the schedule and meal plan. The meal plan is not to the extent of of the “Extreme” workouts, but does give you a “guide”. Also like the other workouts it is in the “auto-scheduler”.

  3. Suzann

    This is a fun one for people who like dance moves – it has a great, simple meal plan too!

  4. Melody Garza

    I love to dance! I have Hip Hop Abs but might have to give this one a whirl =)

  5. Darren

    I picked this one up, but have not had time to try. It sounds like fun. I will have to give it a try.

  6. My girlfriend really wants to do Rockin Body, I may give it a go too!

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