Have you been waiting for the follow up to Insanity? Well it’s now available, check out the clip

Here is some additional information of what INSANITY: THE ASYLUM has…

Are you ready for game day? As Shaun T says, “You can’t practice all the time. You have to perform at some point.” Like spring training, THE ASYLUM is the program that will get you ready to perform at your peak.


If you’ve already completed INSANITY®, you might be wondering, why do I need THE ASYLUM? Here are 5 significant differences between the two programs:

1. Go From Insane to Elite
With INSANITY you focused on improving your cardiovascular endurance and on total body conditioning. So, what’s left? How about improving your balance, agility, power, strength, and coordination? Jump higher. Run faster. If you want to become an elite athlete or just improve your game, THE ASYLUM is your winning strategy.

2. Progression System
With INSANITY, we focused on Max Interval Training. With THE ASYLUM we’ve added to that with sports progression drills to really step it up. They’ll keep you engaged and help you dramatically improve your power, form, and focus from day 1 to day 30.

3. New Tools!
The Speed Rope will torch those calories and the Agility Ladder will help you to become quicker on your feet while also measuring your progress.

4. An All-New Meal Plan
To get you ready for game day, we developed a 14-day meal plan that’s very different from the one you saw in INSANITY. Stick with it for 2 weeks (or, even better, for the full 30 days) and we bet you’ll be pleased with your results! Hint: you can have carbs this time around!

5. Added Resistance
In INSANITY, you used only your body weight as resistance. In THE ASYLUM, Shaun T steps it up and asks you to Dig Deep in what he calls the hardest strength workout he’s ever done. Depending on your goals, you can add weights, resistance bands, and a chin-up bar to your moves.

Some eating information from INSANITY: THE ASYLUM

5 Key Components of the INSANITY: THE ASYLUM™ Get Shredded Nutrition Guide
Here’s a sneak peek at some of the nutrition information you’ll receive that will help you get impressive results from your 30-day ASYLUM experience!

1. Eat Frequently
To get through these intense workouts, you’ll want to keep your metabolism fires burning and your body fueled. We recommend at least 5 meals a day.You’ll find easy to make, delicious recipes in the guide that will help you achieve this goal.

2. Go Light at Night
For a competitive advantage, Shaun T recommends starting with your largest meal in the morning. Each meal afterward gets progressively smaller, so your last meal of the day is the lightest and smallest.

3. Limit Your Portions
While Shaun doesn’t believe in limiting calories, he does watch his portions. He believes that eating frequent small meals revs your metabolism.

4. Eat Lean
Eat clean to be lean and mean. Not only is this a “clean” eating plan, but you’ll be super excited about how great everything tastes. We worked with a professional gourmet chef and our nutritionist to give you great-tasting food that will help you get shredded.

5. Carbs are Cool
Shaun could never get through his workouts without carbohydrates. But, to get shredded, he suggests you eat your carbs and starches earlier in the day.

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Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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