Les Mills Combat | Review

Well the new Les Mills Combat program has been released and I’m excited to say so far the program looks good with the way it was “planned”.

Les Mills Combat, is comprised of 3 different levels of workouts all 60 days.
Combat Base workout for people that bought the basic level kit and 2 days of rest incorporated in the schedule.

Supreme level Calendar for those that only want 1 day of rest through out each week of the program.

Ultimate workout which includes additional workouts and 1 day rest/week

The workouts consist of a learning workout called “The Basics” which is 30 minutes long teaching how to do the moves.

Combat 30:Kick Start A 30 minute actual workout and they explain some of the finer points of the moves as you do them.

Combat 45:Power Kata A 45 minute workout again, combining punches, kicks, some jumping and also some martial arts Kata moves.

Combat 60:Extreme Cardio Fighter A 60 minute workout, basically adding an additional 15 minutes to the 45, with a couple additional moves.

Combat 60 Live:Ultimate Warriors Workout Kind of mirrors the 60 minute workout but in a “Live” setting.

Power HIIT 1 The HIIT workout is 30 minutes long but is not like the TurboFire HIITs. The HIITs in here use weights with some of the drills and you do about 4 rounds of a drill, then take about a 30 second rest and repeat it another 3 times, and you do this with all the drills in there.

Shock Plyo HIIT 2 This also a 30 minute workout and consists of push-ups, side planks, drop squats, plyo lunges, and high knee runs.

A bonus 30 minute Live Combat workout is included.

As with all Beachbody workouts it also includes a Nutrition guide, Fitness guide to assist in guiding you through the program, and a flyer to help you find a live class in your area if offered, and a form to let you know how to get your FREE T-shirt after programs complete.

There are 2 other levels of the program. The second has no additional workouts, but does include the “training gloves, which are NOT weighted, and the highest level, the Ultimate Warrior which includes 4 additional workouts:
Warrior 1: Upper Body Blow Out…25 minutes
Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean Out…30 minutes
Inner Warrior: Stretch and Strength, the recovery workout and NO Yoga :)
Core Attack: 20 minutes

There are 3-60 day calendars included, the first has 2 days of rest incorporated, the second uses the same workouts, but only 1 day of rest, and the 3rd calendar includes all the workouts also with 1 day of rest.

I’ve just started this program and will see how it goes, so far I’m enjoying it and used this also in aFit Club I run and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help

Click on the above banner or one of kits listed towards the top for ordering information.

If you don’t already have a FREE Team Beachbody Account feel free to sign up for one here and I’ll be glad to be your coach and help you with your fitness journey.

Keep Up The Good Fight
Richard Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Instructor
Turbokick/PIYO Certified Instructor

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2 Responses to Les Mills Combat | Review

  1. Risa

    I just might have to get this one. Am loving the les mills pump workout!

  2. Darren

    Thanks for the post. I have done a few of the workouts and enjoy it. It is fun and the trainers are goofy in an entertaining way.

    On the flip side, from the workouts I have done, it is not nearly as intense as Insanity, for example. I think it is a good beginner to intermediate level program, but not really for advanced levels.

    I will do 60 days and see if it gets harder. I am sure as you get better with the moves, the intensity will increase.

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