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As people say, if you have to ask then you probably are.  So are you overtraining?

First of all I just want to bring up why I decided to write this. I keep seeing people posting on various boards about how much time they’re putting into their workouts, how many workouts they’re doing each day, how many intense workouts they’re doing each day, and on some boards some are trying to “out do” others by how much they’re doing.

I know there are some “junkies” out there so to say, but some of these folks get injured or sick because they really aren’t taking care of themselves, even if they are spending 3 hours of exercising.

What a lot of people feel is that “more” is better. If I exercise longer and harder I’ll get better results, or if I make up a bunch of hybrid workouts then I’ll be happy. Unfortunately most of these people may see some results at first but then usually don’t see any significant change.

How much is too much?

For the most part working out 35 minutes to an hour is what most people need to accomplish what the “program” they are doing is focused on, after that the exercise isn’t as effective because of the muscles and body using it’s energy, of which your body only has a certain amount.
Depending on what activity you’re doing will determine on how this energy is burned. If you’re doing steady cardio, quick bursts of energy for a few minutes at a time, or quick bursts of energy for just a few seconds at a time.

SO…some overtraining symptoms taken from P90X training:

*Early Fatigue
*Increased heart rate w/Less effort
*Decreased Strength, Endurance, Speed & Coordination
*Decreased Aerobic Capacity
*Delayed Recovery

*Persistant Fatigue
*Ongoing muscle soreness
*Loss of appetite
*Difficulty Sleeping
*Frequent Colds or Infections

*Irritation or Anger
*Loss of Competitive Drive

These are just a few, but the point being is that overtraining can be reflected in other ways.

Recovery? Bah..

People don’t realize how important Recovery is weather it be a rest day or a recovery week.

When you do a good workout, and by that I mean really “Do” the workout and not just go through the motions you rip and tear you muscles at times as you build them up. and the recovery and rest is what is needed for them to heal. When you sleep, this is the best time for the muscles to heal which is why 8hrs of rest is a common number you hear but in todays times it’s difficult to get that 8 hrs in every night.

However too many times people don’t feel they need this and end up injuring themselves. When you take a rest day it doesn’t mean you can’t do any exercise, yoga or stretching, walking, swimming, something that’s not “Extreme” or “intense” is perfectly acceptable.
You have to think do you want to injure yourself and not be able to exercise for a few weeks or take care of yourself and continually exercise with minimal injuries.

If you do happen to do more then one workout a day, just be aware of some of the symptoms of overtraining.

Realize that if you’re doing it for the reason of losing weight, or trying to focus on one part of the body and it’s doesn’t seem to be working you may be overtraining.

Be safe, feed your body what it needs, and stay injury free.
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team beachbody Coach
P90X Certified
Turbokick/PIYO Certified

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5 Responses to Overtraining | Can I be Overtraining

  1. Mary Riley

    Good article. I was overtraining at one point and it is very hard on the body and the health. Thanks for giving us tips so we can decide when we are overtraining.

  2. Great article. I always think about not doing enough instead of doing too much.

  3. Awesome post Rich! This is so true people need to be aware of the signs their body is telling them!

  4. Jared

    Great advice and great article, something that I think many of us don’t pay enough attention to but really need to, I for one. Thanks Rich

  5. Melody Garza

    I actually just had this convo with a client. Great advice!

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