Well I’m back from this years Team Beachbody 2012 Summit and also now a P90X Certified Instructor. 

Going into this P90X Certification I wasn’t sure if I was really ready for it, but decided to outside my comfort zone and go for it and was glad I did, because at this time because unlike the other certification classes Tony came in on both days of training and did a workout each day and then came back in the afternoon of the second day to talk with us.Well I’m back from this years Team Beachbody 2012 Summit and also now a P90X Certified Instructor.

The certification process consists of first doing a “P90X Qualification” program on the computer.  Once that is complete then you choose from one of the many places where P90X Certification is being held to do the 2 day course.

History Of P90X

We had the privilege of having Tony  and Carl Daikler, the CEO of Beachbody come in at the beginning of P90X Certification to tell us about the history of how it began.
Briefly, Carl was introduced to Tony and after some time of them talking Carl asked Tony for a program that in 90 days people can get results if they follow the program. Tony gave him some cardio and resistance exercises to do and then had some other things going on so basically Carl was left on his own to do them. When Tony came back and saw Carl in such great shape, he asked him what he was doing and Carl told him he did the exercises Tony told him to do, they then realized it worked, since it really wasn’t tested before, and Power 90 was born, Beachbody’s first program.

Once they started marketing it and seeing that others were having good results they decided to put a program together that would yield great results that people can do at home and have the whole package that included a nutrition program, a calendar so you knew which workouts to do when, and support from others that have done the program so you could get great results. With this though they sought out others to help who were professional in other fields so the program would come together properly and soon it came together “Power 90 Extreme” or as we call it P90X.

Certification more in depth

When you see the infomercial about P90X it gives you a little information about the program but the certification goes more in depth to the science to explain why the program is put together the way it is. Why you’re doing the workouts in the order that they’re laid out, why the nutrition plan is put together the way it is, and why quality is more important the quantity with exercises.
It goes into more depth about the phases of P90X and why you see particular results when you do.
You learn about the skeleton and muscles used for certain moves, nutrition, the supplements made for P90X, and how to customize it anyhow to stay injury free while doing the program.
For a personal trainer this program is great since once they get this they can teach P90X in gyms which was previously not allowed, and for those of us not personal trainers like myself it gives us a deeper look inside the program so we can be more educated when one of our customers asks questions about the program, or when doing a Fit Club it allows me to explain why a move is being done the way it is, and why the importance of form for a particular move.
You’re also given additional information that can help cover many questions that you may be asked about the program dealing with nutrition and customizing the program.
At the end of the course you are given a “practical” and written test to complete the certification process.

Coach’s Advantage

If you’re a coach and wondering about, “is it worth it to get this, even if I don’t teach P90X“?  I’d say without hesitation YES.
First off this will make you a much more reliable source for information about the program, and myself, I’ve always beleived it didn’t matter if I did the program or not, I needed to be able to help any of my customers or potential customers, and answer questions about any of the programs that they may have.
Though not a personal trainer, I do run a Fit Club, and this information will help me make others aware of the importance of correct form. I like to try and give a little notice of what to expect in the workout, and having a greater understanding of it makes me a better coach.

The Experience

The P90X Certification is actually taught by “Master Instructors“, and depending on where it’s done Tony may not show up.  We had 4 instructors and since it was just before Summit was the reason Tony showed up.
It was a great experience and I’m glad I did it. Being certified you also have access to P90X Certified logo clothing, you get a pair of dog tags with a certification number on them.

If you have any questions on the P90X Certification, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help.

Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Instructor

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