P90X2 Phase 1 Complete

Well I’ve completed phase 1 of P90X2.
Though struggling through some of the exercises and not “mastering” all of them it has been 6 weeks and don’t want to get on a plateau so it’s time to move on. Tony mentions that you should do a minimum of 3 weeks but no more then 6, so this program is kind of “flexible” in that respect.

I have had improvement on quite a few moves and have lost some weight, but mostly noticed loss of inches and my pants do feel looser, shirt’s looser and face a bit thinner.

While working through Phase 1 Beachbody came out with another product, “Energy and Endurance Formula” or “E&E” Formula. This is a product to give you some additional energy when you drink it 15-30 minutes before working out and you don’t feel “wired” like some other energy drinks make you feel. Click here to see the video about it.

The moves are challenging, and involve a bit more “balance” since you do work with medicine balls and a Pilates type balance ball, but not impossible, just frustrating at times. In time though over the past weeks I’ve found that I’ve been able to improve on some of the moves that I couldn’t do at the beginning.

Some of these workouts I’ve done while on the road, but now going into the next phase it looks like it may be a little more challenging because of more pull-ups thrown in.

I’ve been asked the difference between P90X and P90X2 and this will bring you to a video that Tony explains the difference between the workouts.

There has been some “evolution” from P90X to P90X2 and so far I’m enjoying the workouts. At times it’s tough getting in the workouts and may substitute something else depending on time, but when time does avail itself I will get P90X2 done.

One of the other pieces of equipment which is used for recovery and a “self deep tissue massage” is the Rumble Roller. Where a foam roller is smooth the Rumble Roller has “nubs” on it which can get deep into the muscles to help loosen those knots.

I’m curious to see how the next phase works out, but so far I’m enjoying the ride.

Any questions on my P90X2 journey or any other Beachbody product feel free to contact me.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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