Power 90 sweat 3-4

Today continuing my Beachbody workouts, I did Power 90 sweat 3-4.
Overall a good workout and a good sweat.
It starts off as many other Tony Horton with warm-ups containing Yoga then onto rounds of exercise. This group of exercises though he does move at faster pace since it is supposed to be a bit more advanced.
It went as some of the other workouts do in rounds of a few exercises at a time, then a 30 second water and towel break and back to the workout.
After the cool down it went into a group of ab exercises totaling 200 crunches in various configurations.
Though it was a 45 min workout it did seem to pass rather quick.

Overall I give it a thumbs up rating :)
Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent BeachBody Coach

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2 Responses to Power 90 sweat 3-4

  1. Tony

    I just started P90 yesterday. I took a look at the Cardio 3-4 and it looks killer. I can’t wait until I’m able to do it. Are you supposed to go 45 days with 1-2 and then 45 with 3-4?

  2. admin

    Hey Tony,
    Usually according to P90 book most folks will switch over between 30 and 45 days. Some may not get there till 60 though.
    the decision should be based on
    1) If you are very familiar with the sequences
    2) If you are keeping up with the speed and pace on the videos
    3) The 1-2 routines are becoming easier

    You could always go back to 1,2 if the others are to hard for you, but remember you could always modify :)

    Keep me advised
    Keep up the good fight

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