Beachbody RevAbs, FIRE UP YOUR ABS, is the next in the series of workouts.
This workout is about a 40 minute workout, and once again consisting of 3 rounds including the “REV Zone”, which one person goes into and does the moves as quick and as many times as they can.
There is “Plank” work in this workout, using three different angles in order to “fire” you abs from different angles in order to get the best results. the cardio portion has you moving your arms and legs to get the heart rate up, and also some back strengthining, so your back and abs get into shape.

The third round as with the other workouts also includes the “spice round” which includes some additional difficulty to the moves in order to intensify the workout for the last round. the time goes by pretty quick in this workout you once again get up a good sweat.

Also in this review I wanted to include POWER INTERVALS, this work out has alot of cardio in it.
For me the hard part was the squat thrusts, because of the number of them which really got the heart rate up, and for the last round Brett has you go all the way down flat on the floor before coming up as part of the “spice round”.
There also are a fair amount of lunges which, if you’re doing them correctly, you will feel later in the day, and into the next.
This is a high intensity workout for the short amount of time it runs, about 35-40 minutes, but you really get the heart rate up and is a awesome workout.

Being a Beachbody Coach I wanted to try and give you a good idea of the first phase of workouts consists of.
If you may be interested in this, it is great workout and fun which makes the time go by quick. Just click here to got to my RevAbs page and you could order it right from there.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub

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