REVABS REVIEW beginning week 3

Well week 2 of Revabs is complete, and what a week it was.
I did get in all the workouts, but as mentioned in my last Revabs post POWER INTERVALS was done 3 times this week in place of one of the TOTAL STRENGTH/MERCY ABS workout.

Overall I feel I have seen an improvement through the week, some of that being because my back is feeling better. Doing POWER INTERVALS and extra time kinda really did me in as I really felt it in my legs with all the squat thrusts and crossovers.
The day of rest was definatley needed too because of the schedule during the week of early wake-ups for work and not sleeping the greatest on the road.

So now here I am beginning week 3. The schedule this week is the same as week one starting with TOTAL STRENGTH/MERCY ABS, followed by FIRE UP YOUR ABS, and POWER INTERVALS.

TOTAL STRENGTH I felt I did a bit better making it through the “spice round” with the push-ups which has been a challenge previously.
Also since I don’t have heavy weights I used some bands today which gave me some really good resistance for the rounds of exercises, along with the spice round. this workout has quite a bit of cardio and felt I did a good job making it through without feeling as winded previously.
I immediately followed it up with MERCY ABS, which again was a challenge, but also felt it alot more in the abs this time then previously, so I know I was working the exercise properly.

After the workout this time I followed up with a Shakeology within 30 min of working out. I’ve been trying out using Shakeology, though haven’t taken it on the road with me, but having it while at home. So that’s another thing I’ll be seeing if it will help in the way I feel along with trying the P90X bars as some snacks while in the road. The good thing about being a Beachbody Coach is I get a discount on these products too.

So tomorrow is FIRE UP YOUR ABS and I intend on doing that in the morning, and keep on pushing play during the week, hopefully seeing some more improvements as the week goes on.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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