Revabs Review completion of week 3

Well week three of Revabs is complete and what a challenge it’s been this week.
Between early wake-ups for work and feeling sore from the workouts it made for a challenging time.
MERCY ABS was done twice this week and the second time had lots of problems because of feeling it mostly in my upper abs.
My knees are still giving me problems and may try to find my knee support braces to use during the POWER INTERVALS workout.
I’ve been trying a few different things eating wise. I just got some more P90X Protein Bars and have been using them a bit before working out on the road and having a meal after working out to see if that helps in any way of keeping up my energy on these early mornings.
When at home I’ve been drinking my Shakeology after working out to try and give my body that extra boost it may need after the workout. I’ve had a few stomach problems with the Shakeology but find putting in a banana in the shake seems to do the trick and my stomach is fine. Still working on the best combination of things to say what is my favorite shake.
As a Beachbody Coach getting discounts on these products makes them more economical to purchase.

So week 4 about to begin in 2 days and POWER INTERVALS will once again be done twice this week, so hopefully things will become easier with it, though still having some problems with the “sprawls”.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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