Well to day I finished Phase 1 of REVABS and though tired am proud of my accomplishment.
The reason for this is being on the road working and not missing a workout can be quite a challenge.
I’ve had to use some substitutes for weights at times and move some furniture around to be able to get the workouts in but met the challenge.

So, my feelings now that I’m finished with Phase 1.
I can see definition in my legs from all the squatting and lunge type exercises along with some definition in the arms and some around the abs.
Towards the end I was able to get through some of the moves better then when I started, so there definatley were some positive results, though still couldn’t get through a whole set of sprawls.
The floor work, though being able to get through it and “feeling it”, wasn’t able to get as high up getting my back off the floor that some of the cast was, but like I mentioned I did feel it in my abs so I know something was being worked.

As for some of the extras, Shakeology and P90X Protein Bars. Did they help out exercise wise, can’t say for sure because of not being able to stick with a steady schedule of working out time wise, but did like the Protein Bars.
As for Shakeology I have noticed my the my skin clearing up a bit since drinking it, whether I feel more energy or not, again with my crazy schedule can’t say for sure but for now will continue to drink it.
As a Beachbody Coach I’m able to take advantage of getting a discount on all Beachbody products too.

So what to do between Phase 1 and 2? Just going to relax a bit and maybe do a different workout just for something different for the next couple of days before starting Phase 2. I’ll take my stats before starting Phase 2 and see what if any changes from the beginning and what will be the starting point for the next phase.

That’s the update for now so till the beginning of Phase 2 and the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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