Revabs Review week 4 complete

Well week 4 of Revabs is now in the books, and it was another week of doing Power Intervals 3 times.

It has been a bit of a challenge once again with the schedule this week but did manage to get in the workouts each day.
When I’ve been home I’ve been drinking the Shakeology each day after the workout and am hoping I will see and feel a difference drinking it on a regular basis, which for now is too early to tell.

Overall I felt I did ok getting in some “sprawls” this time with the squat thrusts in the “spice round”, though couldn’t do the sprawls through the whole set, I did manage to get some in and then continued the rest of the round with the regular squat thrusts.

Going into week 5, I’m going to separate the Total Strength and Mercy Abs workout instead of doing them right after one another to see if it makes it any easier to get through the Mercy Abs workout.
It’s been a problem doing all the exercises properly when doing one workout after the other.

I am seeing a difference in my abs and thighs from the workouts and will be taking a pic when this phase over.
I don’t think much weight is being lost right now though I do feel inches are being shed. If it doesn’t work out that way when I actually take the measurements, I know I can definitely “see” a difference, but only time will tell.

ALso feel free to follow my updates on my YOU TUBE CHANNEL

That’s the latest review for now, any questions pertaining to the workouts or Beachbody products or being a Beachbody Coach feel free to contact me.

Till the next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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