Well here I am week 5 complete and about to head into the home stretch for the end of phase 1 of REVABS.

So this week I decided to separate Mercy Abs and Total Strength since it was a bit too much for one workout, on the abs. Well it seemed to workout well, of course if I just reversed them around and did the Mercy Abs first then Total Strength it also would’ve worked out too, but silly me didn’t think of it for some reason till after I did it. Anyhow, with all the early workouts I did this past week was wearing on me, but wanted to follow the program on the road and make sure all the workouts were done, no matter how tired I was.

So my impressions so far, well as mentioned before, I definitely see definition in my thighs, from all the lunges involved and have seen some definition also in my abs, though don’t think there’s been much more weight loss even with all the cardio. The sprawls aren’t getting any easier, but keeping at it and combining them with regular squat thrusts to make sure the heart rate stays high.
Though I’ve made some modifications and used bands instead of weights for some of the exercises and on the road used some mods also in order to make the workouts as close and true to the workouts on the DVDs.

As of this writing I’ve already started week 6 and have 5 more workouts remaining in Phase 1, there are a few days off between phase 1 and 2 which I think I will take and if I do workout it will be a different workout altogether, and not too intense since I do want to ready for Phase 2.

I’ve also mentioned in earlier blogs about using the P90X protein bars and Shakeology to see if they had any effect energy wise in the workouts. Well to me no noticeable difference workout wise, but keep in mind I’m on the road 3-5 days a week and not on a regular schedule with that.
I have noticed that some of my skin does seem be a bit better, which I’ve heard in other testimonies about Shakeology, that it has helped folks with skin and hair.
As a Beachbody Coach I do get discounts on these products, and if anyone is interested in any of these products or being a coach feel free to check out the links or contact me.

So the next entry will be at the Phase 1 results and we will take it from there.
So till the next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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