Well week 2 of Phase 2 of Revabs is in the books and overall I felt it was a much more productive now that I was familiar with the exercises.

The week started off with STRENGTH AND ENDURANCE and MERCILESS ABS. I reversed the workouts around to do Merciless abs first since I felt I got a lot more out of it by doing it that way, and then followed up either right away or later int he day with Strength and Endurance. Merciless abs was a quick 15 min workout and Strength and Endurance about 45.

REV IT UP was done twice this week and and a important note is that in the materials you receive with this it states it’s a 30 min work out and to my surprise it was a 45 min workout. Doing these workouts on the road and fitting in the workouts based on time kinda threw a wrench in the works, so take notice, leave 40-45 min for this workout. In places where Brett mentions about revving high I didn’t feel I was there, however as the workout continued my heart rate did get up to where it should be.

POWER INTERVALS 2, as in the first round does a great job of getting your heart pounding and the sweat dripping, and If I remember right “sprawls” are back… again. As in Phase 1, I had some issues with the sprawls and so it continues. What I’ll be doing though is just staying with the squat thrusts. I get a lot more out of them then struggling through the sprawls.

FAT BURNING ABS also has sprawls which have I’ve changed to the squat thrusts for the reason I already mentioned, and another exercise in this workout is “Mountain Climbers” which gives me problems with my feet and knees, so I will have to find a way to modify those to get the most out them.

I’m still happy with the workouts and like the way they change around a little more then Phase 1 did. This coming week I’ll be doing most of the workouts at home so that should help me stay on a steady schedule of working out and drinking Shakeology.

Well that’s the review for the week, feel free to contact me about any questions about the workout, Beachbody products, or any interest in becoming a Beachbody coach.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
RIch Taub
Beachbody Coach

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