Week 4 of Phase 2 of Beachbody REVABS is now in the books.
This week a few things have changed. One is I managed to be able to go out get 2-15 pound dumbbells to use when I’m home.
Previously I was using resistance bands or lighter weight, just because I didn’t have a set to use.
I wanted to try and step it up a bit to get the best results possible which is the reason for making the purchase.
Well it definitely made a difference working with the weights, and something that hit me was, here I am working with these weights getting fatigued with some of the moves was, yet this was the amount of weight I’ve lost with diet and exercise. Now it’s feels alot heavier working with it this way, the when I was walking around with it on my body.
Also I noticed today while working with REV IT UP was my knees were not bothering me as much when doing the jumping jacks which it used to do.

I do feel some of the other moves getting better, and have modified most of the moves to be able to get the best results for me to get my heart rate up to where it should be, so overall I’m happy with this weeks progress and am looking forward to see changes will happen of over the next week.

One thing I’d like to add is if you’re looking to lose weight and haven’t really though about how your present weight may be affecting you is to go to any store that has weights for sale, I went to Target, and just pick up what you want to lose and hold them for a minute or so. Maybe walk with them for a little bit.
For me it really woke me up to see what it like to walk around to have this extra 30 pounds on my body. I’m sure it will be an enlightening experience.

I’ve also while home have been keeping up with drinking my Shakeology and watching my eating to hopefully get the best results possible for the last 3 weeks coming up.

Any questions on this workout or any Beachbody workouts, or products or if you have any interest in making money while working out by being a Beachbody coach feel free to contact me.

Till next week
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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