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Being a Beachbody Coach, I decided to try Shakeology and see what it can do for me, and part of the advantage of signing up for home direct is you get the Shakeology workouts.
There are 2 workouts included which are called “The 30″ and “The 50″. A 30 min and 50 min workout.
They are lead by Tania Ante, who is also in the Insanity, Hip Hop Abs, and Rockin Body DVDs.
Don’t expect to see any fancy set with this. it’s just white …. that’s it, just white and their black workout mats and Shakeology towels.

She leads you through a series of exercises and though she says you’re going to do 3 rounds, it’s not like the other workouts that you repeat the same moves in the second and third rounds.
All the rounds are different, so to me it kind loses the meaning of 3 rounds. Anyhow the workouts themselves aren’t bad.
There’s some cardio, resistance and floor work involved in both workouts, and could be challenging if you haven’t worked out much, but you should be able to keep up with the workouts as you progress.
There is someone who modifies the moves, and the resistance moves she does with bands instead of weights.

The music that plays with it is more just some backround type music so it’s not completely silent, but does nothing for the workout, as you may hear in other workouts.
Basically you workout 3 days a week and once you feel you’re doing well, you progress onto “The 50″.

Getting these workouts with the package is a very good deal, especially if you don’t have other workouts or exercise programs, and having one Shakeology a day while doing these workouts, should get some kind good results.

You could purchase these workouts on their own, but it would be a much better deal to get them and add them to your library of workouts with the Home Direct option as I did, and on the second shipment they also send you a Shakeology Cup to take Shakeology with you. Also you get free shipping by doing the Home Direct.

Well that’s the latest review,
Enjoy your workouts and Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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