Beachbody Supplement Cordastra


This is Beachbody’s latest supplement that came about through Dr. Mark Cheng of the “Tai Cheng” workout talking with Beachbody and telling them this is something that should be added to their supplement line of products.

The information below is taken from Beachbody’s site about Cordastra:

Help strengthen your immune system and increase your energy and stamina with this exclusive potent blend of ancient Chinese herbs—cordyceps and astragalus.*

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Cordyceps + Astragalus = Cordastra™
Cordastra is a brand-new wellness nutrition supplement that’s an exclusive potent blend of two ancient Chinese herbs, astragalus and cordyceps. Together they promote physical health and mental well-being.* This new wellness nutrition supplement also contains the unique and proprietary Activessence®, which helps optimize your body’s ability to use both powerful herbs. Continue reading

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