TurboFire revamped, now has the Fire Starter Pack

Well there have been some changes to TurboFire, an already awesome workout.

The reason was some people were having issues. Though they enjoyed the workouts, they had problems keeping up with the choreography so Chalene made some new ones to accommodate some of the suggestions.
The first that now comes with the sale of TurboFire or can be bought separate is the Fire Starter Kit. It has a 40 minute workout that starts off a little slower and though it build momentum, it goes over the moves slower and she points out more of the “finer” points.
Also 2 of the HIIT workouts have been replaced with “2 Low Impact HIITS” so there is no jumping in them. You can still get a great workout with them, you just have to make sure you step deep with some of the steps and low, for the greatest benefit.
The new Turbo also includes as a FREE bonus a DVD Keep On Burnin with “The Greatest HIITs” which was previously released separately and Ab Igniter, a 10 minute workout for the core and abs and a 10 Minute Stretch. Continue reading

Turbo Kick

So myself along with about 40 others had a great time training in Turbo Kick.
Turbo Kick is a program that Chalene Johnson originally started for herself and it grew till Beachbody asked her to bring it video which was then the birth of Turbo Jam and Turbo Fire, and also Chalean Extreme, a strength training workout.
Along with TurboKick Chalene also has other workout programs that she does besides Turbo, one being PIYO which is a strength yoga pilatus training and Hip Hop Hustle which is more dance based but also a good workout.

Chalene and myself at her PUSH Live event in LA

Me and Joie, my Turbokick/PIYO/ All Star Presenter instructor

We had an awesome instructor Joie Walsh, who did an great job of not only teaching but making the class fun and made us feel comfortable and made the training as non stressful an event as possible. I guess having us throw our hands up in the air yelling “What…What” was part of that :)

So now along with working out to TurboFire I also have the certification to teach Turbo which is a goal I set for myself and now have been able to accomplish it.

Next step now as I incorporate it into my Fit Club is too just keep working it into my workout schedule too.

Till next time
Keep Up The Good Fight

Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
TurboKick Certified

Turbo Fire week 5 & 6

Week 5 and 6 of TurboFire is complete and month 2 is a “Cardio” month, so though there were “fire drills” there is no HIIT workout this month.

So while progressing through the month I did lose another pound which now puts me at 35 pounds since last year and am feeling my abs becoming more defined.
I did change one of the 55 min workout for a 45 min workout and split some of the 2 workout days that have 30 min workouts to do one in the morning and one later in the day.
Along with more definition on the abs I am also finding it a bit easier to do some of the floor work that I was not able to do without alot of modification previously.
I really like the way Chalene uses the bands when doing the ab and resistance work. I haven’t seen the bands used the way she does in other workouts and feel it does make quite a bit of difference.

I’ve been continuing to journal and drink Shakeology as a daily routine and think the especially the journaling is making a difference in keeping the calorie count in check along with being accountable for what I’m eating.

So another 2 weeks till the end of month 2 then month 3 is once again a HIIT month so hopefully changing it up like that will help me continue to lose weight and build the muscle.

I’ve also made a You Tube video, my channel “nalsdc8s” if you care to check out the review on video.

So as the journey continues we’ll see how the results unfold

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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