How To Lose Weight Successfully And Easily

How to Lose Weight Successfully and Easily

I want to add to that there is no “Magic Pill”

At times, it is hard to stay motivated. Your motivation and your interest may falter the longer you get into your weight loss journey. It was easy to start but it may seem hard to keep going. How can you gain inspiration from more motivated people around you? What factors are keeping them motivated and successful? One of the ways is to get involved in a “Challenge Group” so you know you’re not alone in your journey. Another would be to have an “accountability” or “success partner” so you can motivate each other and help keep each to her on track.

Before you start losing weight, you need to draw up a fitness plan and identify your goals. In other words you need to know your “WHY“. Does going down a few sizes appeal to you? Have you identified your weight loss goals? Do you think you would feel better if you had more energy and a healthy lifestyle? Continue reading

TurboFire Week 1 review

Week 1 or Turbo-Fire is now in the books.
Week 1 was considered the “Intro” week to TurboFire and week 2 now will be considered “HIIT-1″.

Week 1 had 3 “Fire 30″ workouts a “HIIT 15″ , “CORE 20″ class, “FIRE 55 EZ” and “STRETCH 40″ which followed the Core class.
There is a “Stretch 10″ after each of the workouts, with the exception of doing the “Stretch 40″ after “Core”. The stretch class is basically 40 minutes of Yoga.
The program has you workout 2 days, rest then workout again for the next 4 to complete the week.

The things I really like about this program is there is a modifier in each of the workouts and you can still do high intensity without the jumping and still get the a great sweat.
Also the program on the whole is laid out very well, in that I mean the nutrition program including Shakeology incorporated in it, and the way the moves coincide with the music and a wide variety of workouts so you’re not doing the same workout over and over again.
Also Chalene does a great job in keeping you moving and motivated throughout the workout.
In the deluxe kit it also comes with a “turbo-tracker” which is basically a food journal, but also has extras as in a calorie guide, a daily tip and good info on food.

The one that I’m not too crazy about is the “stretch 10″ after just about every workout, I feel it should just be included in the workout instead of having to start another section on the DVD.

So overall I’ve been happy with the workout and will see where this takes me.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

Chalean Extreme, next “on the road” workout

So now that Revabs is completed, whats next.
Well I took a couple of weeks off from doing a “planned” workout and just did whatever workout I felt like.
I decided to mix it up a bit with Turbo Jam, Hip Hop Abs, P90X and came to the decision to do another 90 day program and chose to do Chalean Extreme.

The reason I chose this particular workout was for a number of reasons.
One, I enjoy the Chalene Johnsons’ workouts, she’s genuine and always makes a point of making sure you understand about keeping your form correct, along with understanding why you’re doing each of the moves and the benefit of working it a particular way.

Another is the length of the workouts are 30-40 min and I enjoy the shorter workouts that still accomplish the best results.
The other is as with Revabs, I will be doing most of these workouts on the road in a hotel room, and need a workout that is “on the road” friendly. Taking the bands on the road with me will enable me to work the program without losing any of the benefits by working it on the road.

The program consists of 3 main phases of working out.
1) Burn Phase
2) Push Phase
3) Lean Phase

The Burn Phase consists of the following workouts:
Burn Circuit 1, 2 and 3 and also Burn Intervals & Ab Burner, and Burn It Off! & Recharge
The Push Phase consists of the following workouts:
Push Circuit 1, 2 & 3 and again Burn Intervals & Ab Burner, and Burn It Off! & Recharge
The Lean Phase consists of the following workouts:
Lean Circuit 1, 2, & 3 and this time Burn Intervals & Extreme Abs and also Burn It Off! & Recharge

The last phase is once the 90 days is complete and is called the Lean For Life Phase which is so you can continue working Chalean Extreme be mixing up all the workouts.
In this phase you will work all Burn, Push and Lean along with Burn Intervals & Extreme Abs and Burn It Off! & Recharge.

Also some of the unique things about this program is that there are 2 rest days per week.
Also instead of doing alot of reps, these workouts stress less reps with more weight and going to 10-12 reps.

So here’s to another adventure
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody coach

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