Slim in 6

Continuing my reviews of the Beachbody workouts, this next one is of Slim in 6, “The 6-week program for rapid weight loss & healthy body slimming”.
To be honest I’ve never heard of Debbie Siebers‘, but just starting seeing some of her commercials for this product.
As with the other workouts I started with the first one to see what’s it’s all about and how it would be for someone just starting out working out or getting back into it.
the pace on the “Start it Up!” workout is pretty slow, though if someone has not worked out and needs to slowly get back into it this may be a good starting workout. The people helping her out in the back round both have done Slim in 6 and are a product of the product.

The moves are pretty easy to do though I wish she would give you more of a heads up as to her next move. I doesn’t take long to catch up to her and she does end up repeating the moves as the workout goes on but she kind of explains as she goes instead of telling you before the move how to do it. There are a large amount of squat type moves in her workout and you will feel it in your thighs if you’re doing the moves correctly. Cardio wise my heart rate did get up, largely from arm movements, and for a beginner workout is was pretty good.
The cooldown stretch wasn’t bad and as what seems to be common with all Beachbody workouts some Yoga, so if you’re not familiar with names of poses, like me, you may need to pay a little more attention to watching what they’re doing.

Afterwards I decided to watch the “Ramp It Up!” workout to see if it was different from the first workout and she does pick up the pace a bit, and seem to repeat the same moves that are in the “Start It Up” workout so there aren’t a large amount of difficulties knowing what to expect with the moves.
She has two other folks working out with her that also have been through the program different from the first workout and as with other Beach Body workouts also includes a nutrition program with workout schedule, workout chart to mark off your days as you workout and a 6 day journal, I’m guessing for the 6 day express diet plan.

Each person looks for something unique in their workout to keep them interested and coming back.
This workout, like I mentioned starts off slow and I would recommend it to someone who hasn’t worked out in awhile and may have some coordination problems doing moves that some of the other workouts have. You will get a good workout with this, but I wish she talked about some of the moves before doing them so the form can be right from the beginning instead of trying to correct them while you’re learning them.
Will I do this workout again? I’d say yes, I’d give a try doing what of the others, though don’t know if I’d be inclined to stay with it for the entire 6 weeks. If you’re good with self motivation you should have no problems with staying with the program.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

P90X – Kenpo X

Today I decided to try a different workout since I want to have an idea of all the “flavors” BeachBody has to offer and decided to try the P90X Kenpo-X.
Now there a couple of reasons for this workout instead of starting at the beginning of the series. Just a note this is not my primary workout and it’s the first of this series that I tried. The reason for choosing this one is because I was involved in martial arts for many years and Kenpo was the first style that I studied.

I don’t know if this is a common practice with all of Tony Horton workouts, but once again the warmup starts with a bunch of yoga moves that if you’re not familiar with or they’re not covered on some other workout you will be lost for a bit.
The workout itself wasn’t bad, though it was long and if you want to try and “squeeze” this workout in you need to leave yourself a solid hour. It did get the heart pumping and wasn’t trying to “teach” you to be a martial artist, which is a good thing, and hopefully no one will do this workout and think they can go out and defend themselves by watching this.
If you have the time though, you will work up a sweat and get a good workout and is definatley worth doing. As for if I’d personally do this workout again, I’m not sure because of time constraints but would consider it.

Have fun and keep up the good fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

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