Les Mills Combat vs. Tapout XT | comparison | review

Les Mills Combat has been officially released and one of the biggest questions I get is “How does this compare with Tapout XT?”

My mini disclaimer

As with a previous article I did comparing a Beachbody Product with one that is not. I will give an honest review and non biased, and though I am a Team Beachbody Coach, I believe in being honest about the products as I believe that your reputation is based on your honesty. That being said, let us begin :)

Les Mills Combat:

Les Mills Combat is a 60 day program and consists of 7 workouts in the basic set:

The Basics: which as it says goes over the basics

Combat 30: Kick Start which is a cardio kickboxing class, 30 minutes long

Combat 45: Power Kata, a 45 minutes workout, again cardio kickboxing with some jumping moves thrown in

Combat 60: Extreme Cardio Fighter, 60 minutes long and and some additional punching and kicking

Combat 60: Live Ultimate Warriors Workout, similar to the above workout

Power HIIT 1: 30 minutes and uses weights in this one, along with some burps and push-ups

Shock PLYO HIIT 2: 30 minutes of planks and lower body work

The Ultimate Warrior kit includes 4 additional workouts, 3-20 minute and 1-30 minute workout

As with all Beachbody products a nutrition plan is included, the one with the program I thought would’ve been a little bigger, but does give you good guidance on how to eat properly to achieve your fitness goals.
Also included is a “Free VIP Pass” to find a Les Mills live class in your area if one is offered for you to attend and also as with other Beachbody Programs a free T-shirt once you complete the program.

The trainers in Combat, for those that have done Les Mills Pump will recognize the trainers in this workout, Dan and Rachael.
The thing I do appreciate with this workout is you can understand what Rachael is saying, for some reason in Pump, I couldn’t understand anything she said.
The cueing in the workouts do need improvement.  Those familiar with how to “cue” or how to tell you how when to do the next move, may find this annoying in this workout.  They usually don’t give you much notice just change and then tell you they did, or give you very little notice so you fall behind for a second or 2.  Also there are some uncomfortable pauses at times during the Combat workouts till they get into a little more of a rapid movement with them.

For those that enjoyed Les Mills Pump or like a “aerobics class” type workout, that’s what these workouts are like and will most likely Les Mills Combat.

Tapout XT:

Now for a quick look at Tapout XT
Tapout consists of 12 workouts and is a 90 day program, the workouts are as follows:

Cross Core Combat
Competition Core
Plyo XT
Yoga XT
Ultimate Abs
Legs and Back
Buns and Guns
Cardio XT
Ripped Conditioning
Muay Thai
Strength and Force Upper
Sprawl and Brawl

Ultimate abs is about 15 minutes, the others vary from 35-55 minutes. On the days you include Ultimate Abs, it’s already on the appropiate DVD so after you finish a workout it will go right into Ultimate abs.
With these workouts, it was tough to make it through without pausing in most of them, and was gasping for air at times.

Tapout also after 90 days you send in your results and they send you a FREE T-Shirt.

A food plan is also included though I don’t feel it’s as good as Combat, just because it doesn’t seem to have you consume enough calories for some of the workouts that you do.
You can purchase a pair of weighted gloves to use with the Cardio and Muay Thai workout if you wish.

With Tapout there are no weights used, just resistance bands. The bands that come with the program though don’t look very strong and I wouldn’t recommend using them. Actually you’ll notice they aren’t using them either. If you’re familiar with Beachbody resistance bands it looks like they’re using them.

There are some cueing and editing errors in these workouts also, such as Mike showing you how the move, and keeps going without telling you to start, or doing the same side twice. The good thing is though you can understand everything he says and he is very motivating.

Mike Karpenko, the trainer also was formally involved with the Beachbody test groups so he’s not someone that just came off the street they had do this program, he does have experience. The thing I like about Tapout also is you feel more like your “training” and not just working out.

So what are you looking for?

Both programs are good workouts, it just depends on what your looking for. If you’re looking for a gym aerobics cardio kickboxing type workout with music and good intensity the you’ll enjoy Les Mills Combat.

If on the other hand you want something a little more intense, a step below Insanity and feel like your “training” then you’ll be happy with Tapout.

Also with Combat you’ll have the support of a Free Team Beachbody Coach.

Tapout there is community page on Facebook that provides support, Tapout doesn’t have an organization in place like Beachbody does.

Just as a side note Tapout 2 is due to be released in 2013 and looks to be more on the intensity of Insanity.

For a full review of Tapout XT with a little more detail you can click here to read about it

I tried the best I could to give you a good idea of both and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in contact me, I’ll be glad to answer them.

Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Instructor
Turbokick/PIYO Certified Instructor

Les Mills Combat | Review

Well the new Les Mills Combat program has been released and I’m excited to say so far the program looks good with the way it was “planned”.

Les Mills Combat, is comprised of 3 different levels of workouts all 60 days.
Combat Base workout for people that bought the basic level kit and 2 days of rest incorporated in the schedule.

Supreme level Calendar for those that only want 1 day of rest through out each week of the program.

Ultimate workout which includes additional workouts and 1 day rest/week Continue reading

Les Mills Combat, Pre-Order available

The long awaited premier of Les Mills Combat is now available for preorder.

The Combat workout and is a 60 day program. Unlike the “Les Mills Pump” this workout is based on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighting type training.

Check out the following video to get an idea of what Combat is about.

There are 3 options a “Base” set that comes with 7 workouts and + a bonus workout.
A “Warrior” package that also includes a pair of workout gloves.
Finally a “Ultimate Warrior Package” that includes 3 additional workouts.

Here are some answers to some questions you may have on the program. Continue reading

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