Power 90 Fat Burning Express

Today I decided to do the additional workout included in Power 90, the Power 90 Fat Burning Express.
This is a 35 min. workout that Tony Horton did in Hawaii with a group of people outside instead of in a gym.
This was a good workout going with 5 groups of exercises and three rounds per group.
I did get a good workout with this, and the nice thing was the folks working out with him looked like they were having fun :)

The only thing that I didn’t like was when Tony was doing the exercises, they were following him, but as soon as he walked around to check form everyone went at their own pace so it didn’t do any good trying to follow anyone because everyone moved at a different pace unless he was counting.
Though this isn’t in the calendar of workouts it would definatley one to incorporate.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

Power90 Sculpt Circuit 1-2

Todays review is of Power90 Sculpt Circuit 1-2.
This workout was my second in the Power90 series and easier to follow along. Things were slowed down since no cardio is in this one, and understanding what was going to be done was made a bit clearer before each move.
It was a good workout with a good stretch for the warm-up and cool down, and still at times got the heart rate up and good explanations for all the moves. You have the option of using dumb bells or bands for resistance depending on how hard you want to work. Only thing that kinda threw me off a bit was the tricep dips using a chair. Though he did mention about using a chair at the beginning I thought it was more for a “Balance” thing and didn’t expect him to be using like that later in the workout, but will be ready next time.
This was a good change of pace after doing more of a faster pace workout over the last couple of days.

Overall I enjoyed the workout and am looking forward to working it again.

Till next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

Power90 1st workout review

Well folks today I decided to see what the Power90 workout was about and was a little disappointed with the beginning of the workout. The warm-up Tony Horton took for granted that you know something about yoga and besides of hearing what “downward dog” was everything else I had no idea what he was talking about. I double checked to make sure I was starting with the very first workout which I was.
The cardio portion was a good workout but the same thing he does the moves and assumes you know what he’s going to do.
His folks that he has working out with him don’t really look like they’re enjoying the workout too much either.

If you like a little upbeat music and motivating instructor you may not like this workout, however if you can see past that and motivate yourself you will get a good workout with this, just if you’re not familiar with the workouts, watch them before you start working out with them so you have an idea what to expect.

As a final word I did get a good workout, and will do Power90 again but don’t want anyone getting this workout expecting one thing and getting another.

Keep up the good fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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