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As people say, if you have to ask then you probably are.  So are you overtraining?

First of all I just want to bring up why I decided to write this. I keep seeing people posting on various boards about how much time they’re putting into their workouts, how many workouts they’re doing each day, how many intense workouts they’re doing each day, and on some boards some are trying to “out do” others by how much they’re doing.

I know there are some “junkies” out there so to say, but some of these folks get injured or sick because they really aren’t taking care of themselves, even if they are spending 3 hours of exercising.

What a lot of people feel is that “more” is better. If I exercise longer and harder I’ll get better results, or if I make up a bunch of hybrid workouts then I’ll be happy. Unfortunately most of these people may see some results at first but then usually don’t see any significant change.

How much is too much?

For the most part working out 35 minutes to an hour is what most people need to accomplish what the “program” they are doing is focused on, after that the exercise isn’t as effective because of the muscles and body using it’s energy, of which your body only has a certain amount. Continue reading

Beachbody Partners W/Powder Blue Productions

Chalene’s Live PUSH event

That’s right, Beachbody has “expanded” so to say by partnering with Powder Blue Productions.

First off most people are familiar with the products of Team Beachbody such as P90X, TurboFire, Insanity, Brazil Butt Lift and many more.
Some people though may not be familiar with Powder Blue Productions. This company is run by Chalene and Bret Johnson. Chalene is the trainer of Beachbody programs Turbo-Jam, Chalean Extreme and TurboFire and prior to partnering with Beachbody was working on her own company and production of workouts such as TurboKick, which is what the Turbo programs are based on, Hip Hop Hustle which is a choreographed dance type class, since Chalene loves to dance, and PIYO which is a strength Pilates/Yoga/Strength type training that is taught in health clubs and gyms and people can get certified to teach these programs. Continue reading


Well week 2 of TAPOUT XT is complete, and now that I’ve done this for 2 weeks I can speak a little more as to the workouts and how they compare with some ot her workouts on the market.

Days 2-5 were identical these past 2 weeks. Day 1 week 1 was “Cross Core Combat” and week 2 was “Competition Core“, day 6 of week 1 was “Sprawl and Brawl” and in week 2 was “Cardio XT and Ultimate Abs“.

Day 2 is “Strength and Force Upper and Ultimate Abs“.

Day 3 is “PLYO XT” which it comes up on the screen as PLYO but when they start the workout on the DVD they say it’s a “legs” workout. It is however a “Plyo” workout with a lot of leg work, getting airborne and some jumping but the way it’s labeled just threw me off the first time.

Day 4 is “YOGA XT” and what can I say…it’s Yoga and no matter how much people say how good it is for me, and how much I should just “love” it, still not over that hump yet. I do it but never look forward to it. I know my body needs the stretch, but that doesn’t mean I have to enjoy it, I rather do other stretches, then trying to become a contortionist.

Day 5 is “Legs and Back

Day 6 as mentioned changed between week 1 and 2 and day 7 is a “Rest” day.

I also want to add on the days that you do “Ultimate Abs” the DVD is set up so as soon as the workout you’re doing ends it goes right into Ultimate Abs so no looking for it or having to pop in another DVD.


Some things I noticed about these workouts, there is a lot of plank/push-up type for in them. I haven’t completed Insanity so don’t know if there is more or less in these workouts but it seems at some point throughout just about all the workouts you’re in plank or doing some type of push-up.
I like the use of the bands in the workouts, however the band that came with the workouts doesn’t look like the best and I haven’t used it since I do have other bands. For those familiar with the Beachbody workouts you’ll notice if you do the “Tapout” workouts you’ll see them use the same the Beachbody type bands and not the one that came with the set. Also they do send a leg band, and I don’t know how long that one will last, but so far through 1 workout it did hold up, and you really do “feel” it.
In the Cardio XT workout they use hand weighted gloves, which I did it without and if I put some weights on my wrist I know I wouldn’t have made it through, but will use some in time.

There are some more unique ways I learned to use the bands in these workouts and can incorporate them in some of my other workouts.


Some people I know want to compare this to many other workouts and all I can say is it’s a combination of many. One of the things some folks don’t “see” is you’ll see alot of same moves in different workouts, just a different trainer is doing them, or some may be being done to music.
So that being said what I “see” in here is some “Tae BO” with the way you work some of the punches with bands on. Insanity with the way you use your body for the weight resistance, push-ups, and plyo. P90X2 PAP in the way the workouts are set up. You do a series of exercises rest for 30-45 seconds then do another series of 4-5 before your next water break and do that for 4-5 rounds and the last move you do in each workout is called “The Killer Move” where he does one move for about a minute all out.
TurboFire in the Cardio kickboxing aspect of the workout and REvabs with the crunches and doing either punches, kicks, elbows or some type move as you are coming up going down from the crunch.


Mike Karpenko, the trainer for these workouts, does a great job of keeping you motivated throughout the workout and I like the fact they have all different body types doing the workouts.


Overall I’m really enjoying the workouts and if you like MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) or have a martial arts back ground I really think you will enjoy these workouts. One of the things they say in these is “to quit does not exist” as Mike likes to throw in sometimes, “you can hit pause, but don’t quit”, which I’ve had to do quite a few times, but always made it through.

The other thing I just want to add is I use Beachbody’s “E&E” formula before hand and the “P90X Recovery Formula” afterwards. When ordering the workouts there was an option for a “spray” for energy, but I was already familiar with the Beachbody product so just decided to stay with it.

I’ll update again as I continue my journey.

Any questions feel free to contact me
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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