Turbo Fire review, Week 7 & 8

Week 7 and 8 are now complete of TurboFire which completes month 2.
The first 3 weeks were considered “Cardio” and the last week “Recovery”.
The recovery week consisted of 3 Fire 45 EZ classes, 2 Core 20 and a Fire 30, all finished off with Stretch classes afterward, which I just did the stretching on my own since most of it was Yoga, and at least for now I just don’t have the patience for Yoga. I don’t find it relaxing or beneficial unless it’s in a meditative state.

As with the rest of the month I drank my Shakeology daily though this month didn’t feel the need for using the Recovery Drink, but on the road did bring my P90X Protein Bars to snack on if I had a long day.
Though some of the workouts did have the ‘fire drills” it wasn’t to the intensity of a HIIT workout as next month will be.

So the general feeling of the past 2 weeks is I still feel that my abs are getting stronger and though doing some of the moves “low impact”, the intensity is still there and I do feel like my body is stronger as I continue the program. I also feel the Recovery week with the 2 “Core” classes also helped with feeling a difference in the abs and core.

So as week 9 is about to begin, month 3 for the first 3 weeks are HIIT-2 weeks and then week 12 will be another Recovery week.
I’m looking forward to doing the HIIT workouts again to see how I do with them now after being away from them for a month and also now instead of just the HIIT workout there are some additional workouts added such as after the HIIT a Sculpt or Tone class.

So with month 2 complete I lost another 2 pounds, and though it doesn’t sound like much, it is something and hopefully the numbers will keep moving in the right direction.

So till the next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

Chalean Extreme “on the road workouts” Complete

This morning I just finished Chalean Extreme, a 90 day workout program which stresses about lifting heavy for less reps.

As with the other programs I haven’t lost much weight if any, but have noticed muscle definition that wasn’t there at the beginning of the program.
Because of doing these workouts for the most part “on the road”, my diet wasn’t exactly what it should’ve been according to the nutrition guide, but I am happy with my “toned”results.

As mentioned in previous blogs I continued with drinking my Shakeology and while on the road limited my P90x Protein Bars to one a day for a snack if needed.
Also even though I did use the P90X Recovery Formula, I used it only when I though I needed to and rarely used 2 scoops as it seemed that one usually did the trick.

Instead of doing the “Burn It Off” workout I substituted the Turbo Jam Fat Blaster that was included for two reasons. One the other was getting a bit boring and this was a good change of pace and shorter. Second I feel this is a good “warm-up” for Turbo-Fire which was just released and is the next workout on the agenda. The Fat Blaster workout has Interval training which is like what the basis of Turbo-Fire HIIT training is based on.

i would recommend this workout for someone to do, and if I were to do it again I would most likely do it as a “hybrid” type workout. There is a 4th phase which combines all the workouts but will take some time off from the regimen and wait for Turbo-Fire to arrive.

So till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Emerald Beachbody Coach

Chalean Exteme, on the road workouts, Lean Phase week 3

Week three is now complete of the Lean Phase and doing my workouts “on the road”.

I ended up getting a little off schedule this week because of hurting my back, so had to take a few additional rest days, but am back at it now.

So for week 3, Lean phase 1 and 2 were done on the road and Intervals, Phase 3 and Turbo Jam Cardio Fat Blaster was done at home.
Because of my back I didn’t do the ab workout this week and with my schedule actually it was difficult even getting in all the workouts. I did the Turbo Jam Fat Blaster workout again instead of the cardio program again to change things up and also since it has 4 Turbo Intervals in it, I figured it would be a good thing to do to get ready for Turbo Fire.

For the Interval workout I was able to increase the speed for some of the intervals, so finished some of the exercises before the did on the DVD. In some cases did a few extra or took advantage of catching my breath a bit.

The rest of the regimen remained the same for the most part, Shakeology daily, and in fact on one day had 2 Shakes because of the way my schedule was running, used the recovery formula as needed, and had the protein bars on the road with me :)

So next week will be the last week of Chalean Extreme and will most likely change up one of the rest days for a workout day because of my work schedule.

So till next report at the end of Chalean Extreme,
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Emerald Beachbody Coach

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