Well I’m back from this years Team Beachbody 2012 Summit and also now a P90X Certified Instructor. 

Going into this P90X Certification I wasn’t sure if I was really ready for it, but decided to outside my comfort zone and go for it and was glad I did, because at this time because unlike the other certification classes Tony came in on both days of training and did a workout each day and then came back in the afternoon of the second day to talk with us.Well I’m back from this years Team Beachbody 2012 Summit and also now a P90X Certified Instructor. Continue reading

P90X Certification

Just 10 days until I start my P90X Certification class.

This should be an exciting event for two big reasons. One it’s taking place in Las Vegas just before the Beachbody 2012 Summit and supposedly Tony Horton, the creator of P90X is also supposed to be at the training. Don’t know if he will be there for the entire time but doing a training and having the “creator” of the workout there should be a good time.

If you don’t know what P90X is check out the video below.

Getting certified in P90X does a few things also.  It enables those that get certified to “teach” P90X which previously was not allowed in gyms or Fit Clubs.  It also gives a the person a much better understanding  about the moves and form involved in exercises in P90X in order for not only the trainer but the person who they are “instructing” to get the best results possible.

Check out the video below to see what it’s all about.

Just a little history about P90X’s evolution. Originally the people who’s started the company Beachbody after talking with Tony over time had him create a program that people could stick with, not get bored and get results and he came up with Power 90.
Power 90 became a success and over time people were asking for a more intense program to continue their fitness journey and Tony answered the challenge with “Power 90 Extreme” or as it’s now called P90X.
Well time again went by and some additional workouts were added to the series called P90X Plus, however still people wanted more. As time went by people still wanted more and with times changing a new series of exercises was put together based on P90X in order to get the best out of your body and that is now called P90X2, which was released just about a year ago. This workout also based on P90X has Tony teaching new and improved exercises in order for people to get the best results possible.

So along with the excitement of the 2012 Team Beachbody Coach Summit this year of finding out the newest products and workouts to be introduced, for myself another goal is in mind, and that’s to complete and achieve my P90X certification.

For more information on this or any other information on any of the Beachbody workouts or becoming a part of the coaching network feel free to contact me.

Till the next time

Keep Up The Good Fight
Richard Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach
P90X Qualified

Power 90 sweat 3-4

Today continuing my Beachbody workouts, I did Power 90 sweat 3-4.
Overall a good workout and a good sweat.
It starts off as many other Tony Horton with warm-ups containing Yoga then onto rounds of exercise. This group of exercises though he does move at faster pace since it is supposed to be a bit more advanced.
It went as some of the other workouts do in rounds of a few exercises at a time, then a 30 second water and towel break and back to the workout.
After the cool down it went into a group of ab exercises totaling 200 crunches in various configurations.
Though it was a 45 min workout it did seem to pass rather quick.

Overall I give it a thumbs up rating :)
Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent BeachBody Coach

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