Tapout XT | Review complete workout

Well it’s been just over 90 days and Tapout XT is now complete for me and overall I really enjoyed this program.

The overall results, numbers wise wasn’t impressive, but I really enjoyed the program and the way it was put together. The reason for the numbers not dropping like they should’ve, is because of my eating schedule and at times not being able to stick to the eating plan, so know it’s on me and not the program.


Mike Karpenko who is the trainer of the program does a great job motivating you.  Some of the workouts the “cueing” is a little off.  This is not unlike other workouts I’ve done, and is not real bad, but noticeable and doesn’t effect the workout. You’ll just notice at times that they’re doing something on one side and all of a sudden they’re on the other side without him saying to switch.


Some of my favorite workouts include Muay Thai, since I like the martial arts type workouts, and Sprawl and Brawl. Some of the less enjoyable for me Yoga XT. I know how “great” Yoga is supposed to be and I don’t mind some of it, but the constant up and down dog stuff, is painful for me.  The other stretch type moves in there do help and I do feel kinda good afterwards, however there is good and bad in all workouts.  I know others love Yoga and that’s great for them. Continue reading

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