Well the journey with Revabs is complete.
I’ve finished the 90 day program and with the exception of the last 5 workouts because of hurting my back I stayed on schedule and found the time to do each of the workouts even though I’ve been on the road 3-5 days per week.
Just that accomplishment is enough for me to be satisfied, however, staying on schedule doesn’t do any good unless there were some type of results.

As I’m writing this article and again am on the road, I don’t have the weights and measures with me but will edit the article to include them once I get home and have the opportunity to do so.

So how do I feel about this program?
Overall I enjoyed the workouts, including the instructor Brett Hoebel, and his “cast of characters” assisting him with the making of the workouts. I trust they were in better shape then I was from the start, but that’s not to say I’m not happy with the results.

The program, besides focusing on your abs also works on strength and endurance which makes it a full body workout, and Brett also stresses about good nutrition and getting your proper rest in order to get the best results possible.

One of things I really liked about this program was the length of the workouts. They ranged from 15- 45 min. and being on the road that was a big plus in choosing to do Revabs. The workout length along with having the flexibility of using resistance bands instead of weights for some of the exercises made Revabs a good match for my schedule.

The results I’ve seen?
There is some definition of the abs, but also with all the lunge type moves my thighs are also quite defined now in areas they were not before, also my upper body I’ve noticed more definition from before I started the workouts.

Some of the things that I did feel made a difference?
Once into the second phase I did go out and buy a pair of 15 pound dumbbells. Though the bands are good for on the road there are some exercises that you cannot do with the band so having a pair of dumbbells is a definite plus in order to get the “full effect” of the program. Also what made the biggest impact on me with using the weights was doing exercises with them being a combined weigh of 30 pounds was the amount of weight I’ve lost since starting to watch my diet and working out and yet it was a challenge using them, though when I was walking around with that extra weight on me I didn’t even think about how much my body had to work in order to function with carrying the additional weight.

While working the program some of the additional changes to my diet that I made were having some of the P90X Protein Bars for snacks and also starting drinking Shakeology whenever I was home. Because of the constant change in schedule I can’t say whether they’ve made a huge difference in my performance, though I do find when I don’t drink Shakeology I did feel that I missed it.

What I did not like about the program.
I can’t really say there was something I didn’t like about the program although there seem to always be an exercise that gave me difficulty and was not able to improve enough to be doing like the rest of the group by the end. This had to do with the way I’m built and not any fault of the move itself though.

If I had the opportunity would I do REVABS again?
I’d say definitely yes, though not right away. Before starting REVABS, I was doing a hybrid of workouts and for the moment I think I will go back to that before focusing on just one workout again.

So my final thoughts on Revabs.
Definitley a good program and you will see results with it, but like any other program you have to enjoy it in order to get the best results out of it. If you don’t enjoy the workouts you’ll end up going through the motions and not get the best results possible.
If you like workouts that you can do on the road or at home, don’t take up alot of time and can still see results then REVABS is a workout to consider.

If interested in REVABS or any of the other Beachbody workouts or products feel free to contact me, and if you wish to be able to save 25% on Beachbody products consider being a Coach like me.

Till the next review,
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach


Well week 5 is now complete of Phase 2 of REVABS.
This week when at home I used the new dumbbells I just bought and did “feel” a difference in the workouts that I did this past week. While on the road I will continue with using the resistance band since the weights don’t travel with me.

This past weeks schedule has started off with Strength and Endurance and Merciless Abs, followed by Rev It Up, Power Intervals 2 and then repeat them but on day 6 Fat Burning Abs is done instead of Power Intervals.

The workouts this week were a little bit of a challenge to get them all in, but I did manage to be able to get them all in on the appropiate days, and continue to see some progress along the way.

As for changes for next week which will be the start of the “homestretch”, I’m just going to keep “pushing play” and try to push my self as much as I can to finish with the best results possible for me.

While home working out, I’ll continue using the dumbbells and drinking Shakeology, and keep an eye on my diet since that also plays an important part in the program working.

At this point I’m down to 9 workouts left to complete the program and am glad I decided on this one to focus on for the 90 time period.

My next review will be done once I finish the program and will take a look at what the final results are in numbers and how overall I feel.

If you have any questions on this or any other Beachbody products, or possibly making money for working out and being a coach feel free to contact me 😉

Till the next review
Keep up the good fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach


Week 4 of Phase 2 of Beachbody REVABS is now in the books.
This week a few things have changed. One is I managed to be able to go out get 2-15 pound dumbbells to use when I’m home.
Previously I was using resistance bands or lighter weight, just because I didn’t have a set to use.
I wanted to try and step it up a bit to get the best results possible which is the reason for making the purchase.
Well it definitely made a difference working with the weights, and something that hit me was, here I am working with these weights getting fatigued with some of the moves was, yet this was the amount of weight I’ve lost with diet and exercise. Now it’s feels alot heavier working with it this way, the when I was walking around with it on my body.
Also I noticed today while working with REV IT UP was my knees were not bothering me as much when doing the jumping jacks which it used to do.

I do feel some of the other moves getting better, and have modified most of the moves to be able to get the best results for me to get my heart rate up to where it should be, so overall I’m happy with this weeks progress and am looking forward to see changes will happen of over the next week.

One thing I’d like to add is if you’re looking to lose weight and haven’t really though about how your present weight may be affecting you is to go to any store that has weights for sale, I went to Target, and just pick up what you want to lose and hold them for a minute or so. Maybe walk with them for a little bit.
For me it really woke me up to see what it like to walk around to have this extra 30 pounds on my body. I’m sure it will be an enlightening experience.

I’ve also while home have been keeping up with drinking my Shakeology and watching my eating to hopefully get the best results possible for the last 3 weeks coming up.

Any questions on this workout or any Beachbody workouts, or products or if you have any interest in making money while working out by being a Beachbody coach feel free to contact me.

Till next week
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beachbody Coach

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