INSANITY The ASYLUM-“Back to Core”

Many people are familiar with INSANITY, but some folks don’t know yet there is follow up workout called “INSANITY THE ASYLUM, and one of the workouts in there is one we did at our Fit Club last night called “BACK TO CORE“.

Back to Core is a approximately a 45 minute workout to “work body parts we often overlook” as quoted from the Asylum guide, “You’ll work the back of your body, including your glutes, hamstrings, calves, core and back.”

The workout starts off with different types of jumping jacks for 3 minutes, then a stretch and then go through the set of jumping jacks again and then the “real workout” starts.

The exercises in here are not the usual INSANITY type exercises, but ones made to strengthen the back, core, and legs  so needless to say I’m quite sore today, in the hamstrings and calves especially.

Though you’re not doing all the high intense type movements, with some of the movements it almost reminds me of yoga in the way you hold some stances for a minute or two.

By the end of the workout the group had quite a sweat on, and the recovery formula was a welcome drink.

The video below will give you an idea of what to expect from the rest of the Asylum workouts.

Though is doesn’t show Back to Core on there, trust me, it’s a challenge.

The ASYLUM is a 30 day program instead of 60 day like Insanity, and this workout being from Volume 1. Before the end of the year Volume 2 should be released.

Like some other Beachbody programs this one too is considered a “graduate” program, meant for people that have done some type of exercise.  Someone who hasn’t done anything in awhile this workout may be to difficult since it is not a beginning workout and to avoid injury should consider one of the less intense workouts to start with, then graduate to this.

Any questions feel free to contact me

Keep Up The Good Fight

Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

Power90 Sculpt Circuit 1-2

Todays review is of Power90 Sculpt Circuit 1-2.
This workout was my second in the Power90 series and easier to follow along. Things were slowed down since no cardio is in this one, and understanding what was going to be done was made a bit clearer before each move.
It was a good workout with a good stretch for the warm-up and cool down, and still at times got the heart rate up and good explanations for all the moves. You have the option of using dumb bells or bands for resistance depending on how hard you want to work. Only thing that kinda threw me off a bit was the tricep dips using a chair. Though he did mention about using a chair at the beginning I thought it was more for a “Balance” thing and didn’t expect him to be using like that later in the workout, but will be ready next time.
This was a good change of pace after doing more of a faster pace workout over the last couple of days.

Overall I enjoyed the workout and am looking forward to working it again.

Till next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

Beginning the BEACHBODY Journey

Hello all and welcome to my weight loss journey.  I’ve seemed to have finally got on track with my eating and have as of today have lost 25 lbs, and still need to keep the numbers decreasing.

I’ve decided to vary my workouts and besides the workouts I currently do, I’ve decided to start working with the BEACHBODY workouts to keep me going with my weight loss, and become a Beachbody coach to keep myself accountable to continue eating correctly to get healthy and fit.

There are a wide variety of workouts to choose from depending on your personal preference but each strive for the same goal. They all help you achieve you fitness goals but in different ways.

Most of the new ones tend to want you to do all sorts of measurements and tests before you start the program which for me is a bit cumbersome. Although I understand the reasoning behind the pretests, I chose to start with the Turbo-Jam workout because all of that is not required.   I’ve had previous experience with these type workouts from being involved in martial arts for many years so the moves aren’t that “foreign” to me.

I just finished my first workout today and the program started with showing the moves that will be in the workout. It helps to have an idea of what to expect and how to do them correctly.  The workout itself gives you a good sweat and heart rate.  The moves for me were not difficult-they just took a little while to learn.

If you like cardio workouts this may be a workout to consider adding to your library.
Click here to compare workouts and what may be best for you.

Until the next workout review…

UPDATE… Since this was first written I’ve completed REVABS this is a great workout especially for when I was on the road, so check out my write-ups.

I’ve also advanced to the level of Emerald Coach

As I continue my “on the road” workout journey, my next conquest now is Chalean Extreme, make sure you come back to see how the workouts are going.

Keep Up The Good Fight

Rich Taub
Emerald Beachbody Coach

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