Tai Cheng review

So this past week I finally started Tai Cheng after saying for a few months I was going to do it and never pushed “play”.

As you may have heard Tai Chi is an ancient martial art that most people have seen others practice it for health and moving in a slow methodic movement.

Dr Mark Cheng the creator of  Tai Cheng for Beachbody, has put together a program that not only is easy to follow,  but can help everyone from the beginner to advanced in doing physical exercise or improving their bodies performance with the current program they’re doing.

Take a look at the preview below to get an idea of what Tai Cheng is about.

What’s so good about this program?

The thing I really like about this program is it can be incorporated for a warm-up for a more intense workout or done alone. Also if you’ve been injured, or know of someone that hasn’t gotten up and moved around to do any exercise, this is a program that can possibly help them with their mobility to get up and moving again. If you’ve injured yourself or are away of active rest, or want an alternative to Yoga, doing this program has the benefits to help in those situations.

I’ve been involved in martial arts in the past, having a few black belt rankings and also an instructor for many years, so this program is a nice addition to my exercise regimen and martial arts background.

I’m looking forward to the coming days to see how I feel doing this program.

How intense is this?

Keep in mind this program is a “low impact” workout, so it’s not a program that’s going to get your heart rate up like most of the other programs, but can give you great results in respect to mobility, balance, and being more aware of keeping the body in alignment to get the most out of others programs or exercising that you do.

Check out Tai Cheng here, and if you have questions on it or any other Beachbody programs don’t hesitate to contact me and I’ll be glad to help you out.
While your here if you would like a FREE Team Beachbody Account you can also sign up for that here, and by ordering Tai Cheng through you account after you set it up, you will receive a bonus DVD as seen below.

Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach.

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5 Responses to Tai Cheng review

  1. Suzann

    I have been wanting to try this program – sounds like a great complement to my other intense workouts – perfect for “down days”

  2. I’m going into my third week Tai Cheng and I love it. I did Martial Arts too, for 7 years, Tai Chi being one of them. I’m so glad I started up again. It’s a beautiful program and can even be a lifetime commitment! Thanks!

  3. Mary Riley

    I’ve really enjoyed Tai Cheng and it has helped me with balance and flexibility. My swimming has even improved as I am now more aware of how I move and what muscles are being used. I have missed my more intense workouts though. I have no doubt that you will enjoy Tai Cheng also!

  4. This program looks really interesting, I am curious to know if this would be could for younger people?

  5. Richard

    IF younger folks have patience then it can’t hurt and would most likely help with their other activities. Dr. Cheng mentioned at other times about how this can help while doing other workouts too.

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