Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2012 review

Team Beachbody Coach Summit 2012 is now over and for me it was a full week of learning, working out with thousands of others and an additional bonus of getting P90X Certified.

P90X Certification

To start off with I went out to Las Vegas early in order to do the P90X Certification that was being run. I did this for myself as a goal, and also to have a better understanding of the program so I’d be able to give any customers the best information I can if they have any questions on the program.
We had the privilege of having Tony Horton, the creator of P90X come in on both days of the certification to workout, along with coming in later in the afternoon on Day 2 also to give some additional “words of wisdom”.

Team Meetings

Thursday was the “unofficial” first day of Summit as the different “Teams” had meetings going over things that happened over the past year and talking successes that could help others in the coming year.  Also this year we had a couple of the trainers come in and give us some additional information.

First was Tony Horton who talked about some of the new things to look forward too with P90X and a little about P90X Certification and then passed on some information about the importance of focusing on being good coaches and helping each other out.

Chalene Johnson then came in and talked about setting goals, organizing your life, having a “to do” list and following it and how to take control and know and set your priorities.  know your “why” in achieving your “Push” goal and stay focused to get it.

Craig Holiday was the last speaker, and he always has great motivational words to help you “recommit” and also stay focused to achieve your goals.

The day finished with a workout with Tony Horton, and those of us that got were P90X Certified got to get in early to the workout to get a good spot for his hour workout.

Day 1 of Summit

The Theme of this years Summit was “COMMIT”.
Commit to yourself, Commit to the business, and Commit to helping others.

So some of the new things:

1)Vegan Chocolate Shakeology
This will join Beachbody’s Ultimate Product Line and also add a fourth option to enjoying Shakeology. This joins Tropical Vegan Shakeology to now make 2 Vegan flavors and also still available is “Regular” Chocolate and Greenberry.

2) INSANITY The ASYLUM Volume 2 to be available later this year

3) Les Mills Combat to join the Les Mills Pump workouts, this one just focused on kickboxing type workouts.

4) 3 new Challenge Pack options, only available till the end of July.
You can now get either P90X, TurboFire, or Brazil Butt Lift free for 30 days before begin billed for the workout. The Challenge pack includes a workout and Shakeology, and with the special offer after 30 days if you keep you workout you will be billed at that time and then the Shakeology of your choice will be shipped on “HD” meaning Home Direct or every 30 days.
Challenge Packs with the other programs are also available but these are the only 3 with this special promotion.

5) A new Beachbody app for coaches to assist them in keeping track of their customers getting challenge packs.

6) A new supplement recommended by Dr Mark Cheng of the workout Tai Cheng.

7) Derm Exclusive an anti aging make up now part of Beachbody’s products is now available for coaches also to have in their “shops”.

8) Body Beast is now available for purchase and though it looks like it’s marketed mostly towards men, it can also be a program for woman with some modifications.

Training Workshops and The CORE
The afternoon was filled with training workshops that other coaches were running in order to help new and other coaches with their businesses and also the “CORE” was open which was another name for the Beachbody Store.
The CORE actually for me besides having some products to buy also had some special features being having the trainers stopping in during the two days talking about a few subjects and people being able to ask questions to them about their workouts, it gave me a better understanding and being able have a better background about the workouts in order be able to pass on information about the trainers workouts to people.

Day 2 of Summit

Day 2 of Summit started the Super Workout.
We had close to 5000 coaches working out at 6:30 am in the Tropicana parking lot to some of the Beachbody Trainers.

We started off with Dr Mark Cheng doing a warm-up, followed by the other trainers coming up, from Les Mills, Leandro of Brazil Butt Lift, Chalene Johnson of TurboFire, Shaun T with some INSANITY and Tony Horton bringing on some new P90X moves.

The rest of the day was once again filled with training workshops, some autograph signing and then the evening we had the “biggest transformation” winners announced each winning $100,000.00.  There were 2 grand prize winners and 6 runner ups each winning $25,000.00. The 2 winners had a total weight loss of 354 pounds which was just amazing.

That’s kind of a quick run down of the Summit 2012. Summit 2013 will also be at the MGM next June and they are hoping to have closer to 10000 coaches.

If this sounds like something you would like to be involved in, feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to help you be part of Team Beachbody in helping others with their struggles of weight loss.

Keep Up The Good Fight
Richard Taub
Independent Team beachbody Coach
P90X Certified Instructor

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