Team Beachbody En Espanol

Our mission of helping people achieve healthy life styles and financial freedom goals just improved..again!
I am proud to introduce you to our Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity En Espanol!
Many of our web sites are now available in Spanish. Although they are a slimmed-down version, they will improve over time!
I’m also happy to let you know about the release of our best Beachbody fitness programs in Spanish that you can get now, and others will also be “joining” the ranks:
Brazil Butt Lift
Slim in 6
10 Minute Trainer

And more on the way!

Beachbody Coach Tools in Spanish

All of your favorite 3rd Party Tools and packs will make the transition.

These will include the Coach Starter Kit, Product Brochure, Application, Product Order Forms, etc.
Beachbody Videos in Spanish

Many of our videos have already begun translation. At launch, Latino Coaches will have The Team Beachbody Opportunity, How to Earn, The Shakeology® Breakthrough, Advice from 100 Doctors, Shakeology: From the Fields, and others coming soon.

In addition to all the great tools, training, and Web, Latino Coaches will have the help of Director, US Spanish Market Jael Weber, as well as Spanish-speaking Coach Relations agents. Everything that makes the Team Beachbody Coach experience so special will be the same for our Latino friends.

Haste Un Entrenador Registrate

¿Qué es la Oportunidad de Negocio de Entrenador?
Es una oportunidad de ingresos única que te permite transformar la pérdida de peso en ganancias. Para hacer dinero, tienes que hacer que la gente sepa como estar en forma y perder peso con la línea de productos mejor vendida Beachbody ¡Triunfas haciendo que los otros triunfen!

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