Team Beachbody Summit 2011

Well the 2011 Summit has come and gone and it was a great event this year.
There were great announcements and alot of good information on the products and workouts.

So let’s get started with a review.
This years Summit was at the JW Marriott downtown LA, a very nice hotel, and they did what they could to make us feel welcome. With the number of people though, things did get a little chaotic at times.

I arrived early and decided to take a tour of the corporate offices again and some of the new things there were the office is expanding by another 40000 square feet because of the new coaches and the amount of sales that are being generated, larger offices are needed to keep things running smooth.

At the general session we had some great announcements:
1) New Shakeology flavor, “Tropical” to be on sale by the end of the year, though we did have a chance to try it. It first tasted like “bubble gum” then had another taste come through. Unfortunately they added other things to the Shake, so we didn’t get a chance to try it “straight” and get the “real” taste.
Some good news about the new Shakeology is there are some new ingredients in it which will make it lower on the glycemic index then the current flavors.
Some folks were yelling on the following day to mix it with the Chocolate and so had to try that and it was very good, but still need to try it straight to see how it really tastes.

2) P90X2 to be released in the fall. The good thing about this workout is that it’s not just the same exercises. As we know as time goes by we evolve and so do exercises and how we do them. This program isn’t just an updated version of P90X but an improvement with new moves and how new “toys” to work with to get the best results.
Also eventually a P90X application will be released too.

3) A Tai Chi workout which can benefit everyone no matter what workout you’ve previously done from Slim in 6 to INSANITY The ASYLUM. It will help strengthen your core and balance along with your owns bodies energy to help make you feel good inside and out.

4) REVabs workout to be “revamped”. Revabs is the workout that Brett Hoebel does, the new trainer from “The Biggest Loser” from the 2011 season. Revabs was actually on sale previous to his appearance on there, though not really marketed very well. From what I understand the “deluxe” kit will now be part of the basic kit and there will be two new additional workouts in the new deluxe kit.

5) As for workout sessions we had 3 of them. The first morning session gave you the choice of working with Debbie Siebers of “Slim in 6″ fame, Debbie Joyner of “Body Gospel” or Leandro Carvaleo of “Brazil Butt Lift”. All trainers as far as I know gave good workouts. The afternoon choice of workouts were Tony Horton of P90X,
Shaun T doing some INSANITY, Chalene Johnson doing some TurboFire, and Brett Hoebel doing REVabs and had Shaleen who is in the videos on stage with him. I did Revabs and it was a great workout.
The next morning we had the “Super Workout”

The Super Workout

The Super workout at the Summit 2011

starting with Debbie, then Chalene, Leandro, Debbie Joyner, Shaun T, Brett Hoebel and then Tony Horton to finish it up.

The “show” which is basically where people receive rewards, such as top coach, and $25000.00 body transformation winner of which there were 2 grand prize winners each getting $25000.00 and 2 runner up winners getting $2000.00 each.
The announcement of the coach destination trip which this year is to Nassau, for the coaches that qualify and elite coach trip will be to Tahiti.

It was great Summit though and next year looks like it’s going to be even better as the 2012 Summit will be in
Las Vegas at the MGM Grand from June 22-24, 2012.

If this sounds like fun, it was and if it sounds like something that you’d be interested in getting involved in to help other “end the trend” of obesity feel free to contact me, or if you just want to get started yourself to improve your health I’ll be glad to help.

Feel free to contact me and I’ll be glad to get you started.

Till next time,
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Team Beachbody Coach

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