Turbo Fire Review, 90 days complete : )

Well 90 days of Turbo-Fire is complete and it was a great ride.
Overall I enjoyed the workouts though some were a little longer then I would’ve liked, but still did all of them in the the correct order for the most part.
The reason I say that is I changed up two of the 55 workouts for the 45 workouts and really didn’t do much of the stretch workouts with the exception of the last week.

Stretch 40 was scheduled twice and because my hip was bothering me I decided to do them. Though it did help with the exception of the meditation part I still don’t like some of the Yoga poses.
They are mainly geared for people that can tie themselves up in knots, and for someone not that flexible they are painful, not comfortable and not “user” friendly.

The HIIT workouts were great, and had at times did some modifications because of all the jumping.
I still kept the intensity high though and so my breathing was pretty hard after the “fire drills”.
The music was great and put to the workouts nicely though there are a few places that the editing throws you for a second.
Some of the workouts have a “new to class” section, which is nice to get an idea of the moves in the workout before actually doing the workout, and also if you do the “new to class” you will get a good workout with that too.

The Core, Sculpt, and Tone workouts were also great workouts. As mentioned in previous blogs I love the way Chalene used the bands.
She used them in ways that the other trainers haven’t and the resistance that you get from using them is great.
I did have stronger bands then what came with the program, because I felt at times I needed the extra resistance and the bands that the ones that came with the program I didn’t feel were enough.

If I continue with the schedule and with the deluxe workouts, there are five additional new workouts.
Fire 60 which includes 4 Fire Drills
HIIT 30 which has 11 drills in 60 sec intervals
Upper 20 using the resistance ands
Lower 20 using the lower body band
Abs 10 just using a mat, and though short I’m sure it’s tough from doing her past workouts

Turbo-Fire also includes a 20 week schedule, which next month is Advanced Cardio consisting of no HIIT workouts though there are Fire Drills and week 17-20 is HIIT 3.
The problem I have with doing the advance cardio month is the length of workout for the most part are 55-65 min. and with my time constraints I have on the road, which is where I do most of my workouts, make getting the workouts in challenging to say the least.

There also is a Hybrid workout schedule with Chalene Extreme which would add more resistance to the workout regimen but doesn’t depending on the workout may or may not save some time.

Though the deluxe kit came with P90X Results and Recovery Formula I really didn’t feel the need for it too much, at least in the first 90 days.
I do like the daily journal though that came with it to help keep track of eating.
I kept to drinking my Shakeology each day and sometimes twice if I was feeling tired instead of eating a snack.
Also on the road I had some P90X protein bars along to have as a snack in stead of the airport food.

Overall Turbo-Fire is a great workout and I really enjoyed it, and will end up doing the advanced workouts, I just have to figure if I will do it as scheduled or vary it a bit from the calendar.

If you want a great workout that will challenge you, this is one of the better ones.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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