Turbo Fire Review, Week 10

Well as I continue with my “on the road” workouts, I’m up to week 10 of TurboFire and another week complete.
This week there was a new workout in the mix, HIIT 25 which was quite a challenge.
Even though I’ve done the HIIT 15 and 20, the HIIT 25 was quite a challenge and it was fun :)
I’m still really enjoying the workouts and as mentioned in the past blogs I also really enjoy the Tone and Sculpt workouts because of the resistance band work in them.

Shakeology as before has remained a regular part of my daily diet and in occasions have had 2 shakes when I felt I was “dragging” a little and needed an energy boost.
Shakeology usually helped out in giving me some additional energy for another 2-3 hours.

As I enter into the last 2 weeks to make it to 90 days, the last week is another “Recovery Week”.
There is calendar that has additional workouts that continue for another few months, combining Chalean Extreme and TurboFire, but I’m not sure if I will continue with the hybrid workout yet.

So the next review will cover the last 2 weeks of the workouts to the 90 day mark and we’ll see what final results emerge.

Till the next review,
Keep Up The good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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