Turbo Jam Cardio Party review…

Today I felt like I needed a cardio workout, and elected to give Turbo Jam Cardio Party a try.
This workout runs about 50 min. and is a high energy workout using the moves that are in other workouts in the Turbo Jam series so, they will look familiar to those that have previously done Turbo Jam before.
Starting off with pretty much her typical warm-up, it then gets into a high energy “good time” workout, by that I mean everyone working out with her is having a good time and not just smiling for the camera but getting into the workout and enjoying it which of course makes a big difference when exercising if no one looks like it’s any fun.
The combinations she uses, she repeats on both sides of the body so you know what to expect while progressing through the workout, and with the “relaxed” atmosphere makes the time go by rather quickly.
The cool down she incorporates Capoeira, as she also did in the Punch Kick Jam bonus workout, as a cool down which I enjoyed because instead of doing the usual stepping from side to side as other workouts may use or just stretching, it still had you moving and cooling down while still moving but in your typical movements.

As with Chalenes other Turbo Jam workouts, I recommend this one, as she has a great personality and brings across that she really wants you to enjoy your workout and getting healthy.

Till the next review
Keep Up The Good fight
Rich Taub
Emerald Beachbody Coach

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