Turbo-Jam .. Punch, Kick & Jam

Well continuing with my workouts and reviews of the Beach Body workouts, I chose to try the “Bonus” workout that comes with Turbo Jam, Punch, Kick & Jam.
This gets to be a high energy workout that goes for just under an hour. It starts off with a familiar workout that Chalean uses and when the workout begins it again uses her familiar moves, though she does vary them around to keep things moving. The thing I like about the way she does things is that she reminds you of form and how to get the most out of the moves she uses along with doing them correctly to lessen the strain on your body.
the other good thing is the people working out seem to enjoy the being there, unlike some other workouts the “cast” looks like they rather be somewhere else.
Though this is kinda a long workout you’re not doing high energy stuff for the whole time. The last 15 min. or so she does a cool down but uses Capoeira, a Brazilian style of martial arts, to help the body cool down and also continue to work the core and abs, this was actually one of the parts of the workout I enjoyed the most since I’ve been involved in martial arts for many years.

If you may be considering the new Beachbody workout Revabs and am not sure exactly what Capoeira is, you may want to take a look at this just to give you an idea of what you may expect in the “easy” phase of the Revabs workout.

Till next time
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Beach Body Coach

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