TurboFire review, month 3 week 9

Another week of TurboFire complete and a new month started.
This marks the start of month 3 and the second HIIT month, or starting to incorporate the HIIT workouts back into the rotation of workouts.
As the week went on I managed to get in all the workouts in the morning, as usual, and when starting off felt a little winded, but got it going, and by the end of the week, though still winded felt like I was pushing harder.
I’m am still feeling stronger in the abs which is a good thing, and am really enjoying the toning and sculpting workout that Chalene does with the resistance bands.
I still haven’t felt the need right now to use the recovery formula, not because of not working out hard enough, but just didn’t feel the need for it, at least just yet but will see as the workouts progress.

So though short that is pretty much it for the workout review for the week.
Feeling good to start the HIIT workouts again and enjoying the resistance parts of the workouts too.

So while I keep pushing play, and until the next review
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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