TurboFire week 4 Month 1-Complete

Month 1 of TurboFire is now complete which completes the first HIIT month.
In month 1 the first week was an “intro” week followed by 3 weeks considered HIIT 1 weeks, now going into moth 2 the next 3 weeks are considered “cardio” weeks followed by 1 week of Recovery.

Week 4 had the following workouts, Fire 45, HIIT 20 twice, Sculpt 30 Fire 55 EZ, Core 20 and Stretch 40, and finished up with FIre 45. The week overall went well, and the second time of doing HIIT 20 then Sculpt 30 I split those up to do 1 in the morning and the other in the afternoon due to time constraints.

This week also I forgot to bring my Chocolate Shakeology with me, but I did have some Greenberry, so ended up drinking that straight which is a challenge in itself, though I did survive :)

Overall for the month I lost 2 pounds which I’m happy with since I’ve been on a plateau for a number of months, so hopefully this is the start of something good.

As I begin month 2 weeks 5, 6 and 7 are considered “Cardio” weeks and week 8 is a “Recovery” week.
The workouts for the next 3 weeks are the same starting with Fire 55 EZ, Fire30+Sculpt 30, Rest, Fire 30+Tone 30, Fire 55 EZ, Fire 45 and finish with Core 20 + Stretch 40.
Though there are no HIIT classes scheduled that doesn’t mean there are no “Fire Drills”. When doing a HIIT workout you concentrate on just doing “Fire drills” however with the other classes you combine a cardio class with the “Fire drills” so the high intensity is still there.

I really haven’t sued the “Recovery formula” as much as I though I would have.
Even though I did work hard and continue to sweat for some time afterward, my muscles weren’t feeling sore so I just didn’t want to drink it for the sake of drinking it.

So the next journey begins with a new month and we’ll see where this takes me.
If you care to see my vlog of the above just click here

Till the next installment
Keep Up The Good Fight
Rich Taub
Independent Beachbody Coach

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