Yoga Booty Ballet

Well with much hesitation I went ahead and pushed play to Yoga Booty Ballet and was quite surprised.  I figured I’d watch a little bit of this workout, get bored and turn it off.  Well I ended up watching all of the workouts and today did the meditation portion of it after another workout I did.

The first DVD has 3 sections to it.  Quoting from the DVD..

Beginner: Quickstart introduces the moves and methods fundamental to the program .. and is 14 min long and followed up by a meditation portion.

What I liked about this beginning section was Gillian and Teigh showed you how to do the moves, and also encouraged you to watch before participating so you can understand the moves and do them correctly. The next portion is a 45 min routine of Total Toning Basics, which they do a set and then repeat them two additional times using the basics they went over in the first part, and put them together with some music.

The third portion is a 60 min routine of Advanced Abs & Booty, again with some music and some moves previously used so there are no surprises.  As they work with some of the abs moves they also incorporate using a ball that’s included with the purchase of the workout.

All the workouts finish with Yoga and some calming stretching and meditation.

Included also are two additional workouts, one called Yoga Booty Ballet HIP HOP ABS, which is the ladies with a group of folks and 2 guys also thrown in there doing a 37 min workout which they show you some moves and then just continue to add on so you’re repeating the moves which makes it easy to follow along through the workout, and towards the end of the workout the is also some ab work which total time of the DVD is 49 min.

The other included workout is Yoga Booty Ballet Cardio Cabaret, another live taping of the workout which once again they use a few moves, add on and repeat them so can learn the moves from the repetition.

Overall I was surprisingly impressed with these workouts since from my previous exposure to Yoga didn’t really seem like it would be much fun or keep me interested, but watching these ladies showing these moves and the genuine passion they have for these workouts it kept me interested and I would definitly do the meditation portion again and may even do one of the workouts to keep the variety of the workouts going.

This of course isn’t a workout that I’d feel comfortable recommending to a guy, though some may actually enjoy it, but for a woman wanting something different and enjoys dance like workouts should enjoy this workout.

As with all other Beachbody workouts a nutrition program and quickstart guide that comes with the program.  There are also additional workouts available here as well.

Till next time

Keep Up The Good Fight

Rich Taub

Beach Body Coach

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